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Fred G

Trouble figuring out my wiring

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I'm doing my first build and I have some trouble figuring out how to wire my pickups to the switch. I bought a prewired telecaster 3-way switch like this one on ebay, but in hindsight I realise I might have made a mistake. This switch is intended for 2 pickups, but I want to use 3 (all single coils). Is it possible to do with this switch at all? I have tried looking at different wiring diagrams to figure it out, but I don't fully understand how the switch itself works so it's a bit tricky.

I was hoping to set it up so I could choose between using the bridge pickup, the middle and neck pickup together and the neck pickup. Alternatively if that's not possible then just each pickup on their own. (I would also appreciate some feedback on which setup do go for as I don't really have any experience with what would be best here) 


Here's a picture if it helps.

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Nevermind, I managed to figure it out, turns out i had been looking at wiring diagrams for a different type of switch, managed to figure it out when I found this





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