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Input appreciated for first body build... Semi hollow bass... No f holes

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Hello, I've built many parts guitars, but would like to build a body with a set or neck thru and build the body around it.

What I would like is a non feedback hollowbody with a neck like a 4003 with some of that snap with thicker mids and bottom. So longscale narrow neck 4 string.

I've never played a 4005, but imagine its the right tonal direction, but I would like to do away with F holes to get rid of feedback... Of course that monkeys with resonance, so wondering how that factors in.

So first question is what's the design? Perhaps 4005 shape, but flat top and back to make the build easier?

Would like to buy a prebuilt thru neck and imagine I would design around the neck? Maple top and back and bend maple for sides?

If so, maybe a 330 shape would be better for a newbie? Less curves and more angular joints?

Assuming the wood approach ibe mentioned makes sense, thinking the hardware would be much like a solid body... Routing pickups into the neck block, attaching bridge farther down, etc?

So you can see I'm at the ideation stage and open to tone, design and construction input. 

Thanks in advance for any and all thoughts!






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I admire your enthusiasm.  Sounds like you've got a lot of decisions to make.  I encourage you to just start choosin'!

q1: that's certainly a cool shape(rick-style)... and a nice spin to do one thinline.  I think full thinline on a bass might be likely problematic afa feedback but you never really know until you try.  might want to consider more of a 'weight releif' than 'chambered' approach.  I recently did a thinline bass with lots of forstner bit holes and small f hole cavities.  No feedback issues so far, but admittedly I don't play live or (that) loud.  I suspect that low e would get away from me in a really loud setup.

q2: bigger the body the more feedback is my gut guess.  given two proportionally excavated bodies. 

might want to take some photos and mock something up and see how it looks.  good luck!

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