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I don't remember the last time I was here (checking my attachments didn't help), but a few guitars later (some sold, some stolen...) I figured I'd show what  I've done in the meantime...

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Ibanez GIO GRX50 flipped with a left handed RX20 neck. The neck needed some light sanding in order to fit into the pocket, and I think it was due to its age, it needed some serious shimming in order to sit straight enough to put strings on. I must have taken the damn thing off fifteen times to get it right. However...

Image may contain: guitar

... that guitar soon gave way to this ES335 style guitar, which is now home for all the Ibanez electronics, along with the original toggle and kill switch.

And recently, I bought this...


... a somewhat low-end HSS configured strat, which in typical fashion wasn't quite what I was looking for in a left hander, so I improvised.


I had the tape laying around, so why not? But to do this properly, I had to take the whole thing apart. It took FOREVER.

I just finished wiring it all back up again tonight and I have to say it's pretty damn solid for a $169 guitar, I just don't know why the hell the people building these things wire the pots anticlockwise. Makes no sense at all.

So, that's me caught up.

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