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drum sander?

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It's been awhile since I last posted... Been spending some time upgrading the shop.  

Started putting together a neck blank with some highly figured maple I have.  Ran it through my planer and got nasty tear out.  So I started searching craigslist...

I came across a Grizzly 1079R 16" drum sander that I can pick up for $500.  I'm on the fence...I'm curious how many things I'd find a drum sander to be useful for.  My other option I've been considering is to upgrade my DW735 with a shelix head.  I feel stuck in the options! Help!

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A drum sander is top of my wish list

It's also at the top of my list of things I could never justify spending that much money on for a hobby activity!

$500 sounds very reasonable though

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