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Toddler LP Special

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I have started on a new project I hope to have finished in time for Christmas. It's a toddler-sized LP Special for my son, who's three:

  • Scale length - 19 in.
  • Body and neck wood - African Mahoghany
  • Fretboard - Sapele
  • Bridge - Wraparound chrome
  • Pickup - cheap zebra humbucker from eBay
  • Truss rod - 12.5 inch dual action
  • Tuners - black Grover copies left over from the bari project
  • Finish - something fun. Maybe a blue or orange dye with a polyurethane clear coat for durability.
  • Frets - Fender medium jumbo. I learned my lesson to buy pre-radiused frets. They cost the same.
  • Body size - 8 x 11.5. The shape was actually based on an LP-shaped picture frame my wife gave me years ago. It was perfect for this.

Below is my initial sketch and fretboard layout. I will probably adjust the body joint to the 16th fret instead of the 17th, and the bridge is definitely not where the line is on the drawing. Fretboard will probably only have 22 frets instead of the pictured 24. More progress pics to come soon.


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I got the neck blank joined and the fretboard slotted to 19 in. and radiused to 12 in. over the weekend. Now I need to work on shaping the neck. My fret dots should be on the way from LMII, hopefully they'll arrive sometime this week.babylp2.thumb.jpg.83d766be574cc49dd2a52ba553318b7c.jpg

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