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Looking for help with a Neck and Pickups

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Hello Everybody,

I'm new to the community and absolutely love the forums so far.  I apologize if a thread like this is already out there somewhere.  I'm too lazy to look.

I would like to replace the neck on a Jackson V I picked up about 15 years ago.  It has 22 frets and is bolt on.  Id like to find something with jumbo or extra jumbo frets I can just drop it.  Ive read a couple horror stories about replacement necks from overseas and would value any recommendations on where to get a decent replacement.  I'm poor and the guitar isn't worth squat so cost is a huge factor for me.

I'm also interested in picking up some new or used pick ups.  I play a lot of hard rock/metal/thrash/clean.  I really don't want to spend $200 on EMGs.  Are there any companies out there that make a good copy?





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Can't help you on the neck, but Irongear pickups used to do an active EMG81 knockoff called the Volt Active. It doesn't look like they make them any more, but the product page is still active if you Google it. Maybe they have some runout inventory still available?

GuitarFetish seem to be a respected budget outlet and have their Red Active series in their pickup range which look to be EMG clones.

I'd be suprised if used EMGs didn't turn up on Ebay all the time. They tend to be a polarising pickup choice, so chances are they have a high turnover on the second hand market.

Don't forget that being active pickups you need to find room in the control cavity for a 9V battery, plus you may need to replace your output jack with a stereo socket to allow switching of the battery supply when the guitar is unplugged..

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On 1/2/2019 at 4:50 PM, ScottR said:

Have you considered just re-fretting your existing neck with jumbos?


Thanks for the feedback everyone.


I've thought about it, the nut on the guitar is also cracked so I could replace both.

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