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Body shape for solid body made for only seated!

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I hope someone can suggest some shape (?] size, etc. for comfortable and precise holding while sitting down. Note: I already play acoustic 6-string, standard and baritone uke, 6-string lap steel  and 4-string CBG’s. I don’t play proficiently and just can’t play very well standing. The instruments that I have are even a bit awkward at times playing seated. My goal is to create a solid body electric set up to really scream! I don’t want to learn a different way of holding it...I want it to work with ME. THANKS for any help that you can give me.

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Research "ergonomic guitar ". See what shape looks like it might suit how you play and start there.

Everyone is different. When sitting I like a good strat, but when standing I like a V or Explorer. I sit in classical position .

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