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Tung Oil (?) finished maple neck?

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Hello there. I just have one unusual question, it's about one guitar which I owned in the past.

I owned Cort Hiram Bullock HBS model, problem is - I sold guitar to pay collage stuff.

So ... that guitar, even through it was super cheap. It had the best neck I've ever tried.

After a lot of seaching , I couldn't find anything on finish.

My guess it's like oil some sort, and I came to a conclusion it was tung oil in question.

So ... has anyone ever made maple neck with tung oil finish, and could help me with something?

I really really liked that neck, I found dimensions, but nothing on finish.

I would love to have replica of that neck in future without buying guitar again so ....

The neck was like super super fast, very smooth, smooth as butter , but not sticky as all, no sweat problems of any kind.

Was that a tung oil finish in question or? I could feel the wood of the neck ...

It was completely different animal then Gibson slow, sticky Les Paul neck.

Thanks for any usefull info.

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It could be tung oil....probably actually a tung oil finish, Danish oil, Teak oil, or any other oil finish, that penetrates and doesn't build up a film. The trick is the application. Wipe it on heavy, let it soak and wipe it off. Wipe on a second heavy coat using fine steel wool (or similar substitute) which will soak up the excess and create a bit of slurry that sits in the pores and ultimately leaves a silky smooth non-tacky finish.


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In between time, I found one useful YouTube video with some informations. One guy did apply 3 thin layers + wax after it.

Since I'm not luthier, what difference would be between wax + 3 thin layers versus 2 thick layers? And which type would you prefer of the two?

And I'm not sure what was fretboard type. I'm not sure if fretboard was also oil ... or it was different finish then neck.

But it was like also super fast, but thicker ... but I guess it wasn't lacquer also.

Also .... I texted one guy who did try my guitar, he also thinks it's 95% oil + wax ....

But again, fretboard could be more mistery.

But, that neck feels so great, would love to have replica on future custom guitar.

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