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Daniel Miller

Ridiculous but fun guitar designs

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Hello all,

A few years back I designed a few "over the top", nonsensical guitars with 3d software that I barely understood.  Anyway, I guy named Ed Roman posted them on his website for a while to see if anyone was crazy enough to have one built.  Ed died a few years ago as did my interest in such design pursuits.  I still find them to be rather amusing to look at and would welcome any thoughts, critiques, etc.

I built a prototype of one of them and will dust off a few pictures of the completed guitar.  Surprisingly, the guitar played beautifully and was highly endorsed at the local Guitar Center.  I took the prototype in to get a slight adjustment and had quite a few folks pick it up to play.


Daniel M- Indiana

torque black and translucent panels.jpg


Basilisk 1.jpg




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wow.  i love the red one but the actual build looks amazing.  I don't know a whole lot about ed roman but I've recently discovered his site and he had lots of cool ideas and built some nice stuff.  I'm sorry to know he's passed on. 

I'm not crazy enough to attempt one for the record - probably couldn't pull it off anyway, but I am a guitar-lover enough to appreciate them... so thanks for posting and welcome to the greatest forum for guitar building ever.  I hope someone picks up your gauntlet.

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