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Quoting Ettiquette - All Members Please Read

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Dear everyone,

We at Project Guitar want to ensure that all members are enjoying their time on the forums and that their experience is rewarding to both themselves and all others participating here.

As a gentle reminder to members replying to other people's posts that contain pictures, could everyone please ensure that:

  • When quoting another member in a reply, direct quoting of any images previously posted is kept to a minimum. Unless you're needing to use a poster's picture to highlight something in your own reply, please refrain from quoting their own images. Multiple copies of the same image in one page of a post makes a thread difficult to follow and hard to read, particularly for those members who use mobile devices to view the forum.
  • The forum has an integrated 'select-and-quote' function built in. You can click and drag (or tap and drag) to highlight a piece of text in someone's post, click the 'Quote Selection' pop-up button and your reply is automatically populated with just the quoted selection, rather than the entire contents of the post:




Thanks everybody! :)

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