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mind officially blown - carl verheyen trem setup

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26 minutes ago, Bizman62 said:

Are you related to Elmer Fudd?

no... but I used to work on roofs... tar jobs that needed to be re-done.  friends called me ted.  they'd say "oh look, here comes re-tar ted".  sometimes they'd call me three tar ted.

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On 6/9/2019 at 1:27 AM, curtisa said:

Some interesting claims in that video. Judging by the intellectual depth of some of the comments, a highly contentious topic too

I have to agree... I've seen some of his other posts over the years...  Generally the "science" is based more on internet hooplah than actual reality..

the simple truth is the tremolo has inherent flaws... to advert them you have to have a deep understanding of the mechanical fiuunctionality AND the metallurgical properties of the alloys used to make the strings...

fortunately... superb guitarists have managed to navigate the foibles of tremolo annoyance and still produce superb music, through the years, you can too..

there is no magic spring placement, etc that will solve the problems.. and as long as the guitar is setup well..  You will do well...

one point, where he says "string tension on the top has to equal spring tension on the back" is absolutely correct.. but what he apparently is unaware of is that tension is "filtered" through the tremolo pivots...  or . . . you cannot have more tension on the treble side and less on the bass side... the cumulative tension of all the strings collide with the mechanics of the fulcrum point(s) and the string side "sees" it as all the same, not a bit from one string, and more from the next string..

The number one problem with Tremolo issues is the way guys use them... Dick Dale used them correctly, most of the "banger" groups use them incorrectly... 

If you try to rip the mechanism from the guitar to achieve some kinda dramatic effect you will be successful, the effect will be consistently out of tune guitars...  Its a tremolo, its NOT an FX . .


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