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Entry for January 2020's Guitar Of The Month is open - ENTER HERE!

Voting is also open for Guitar Of The Year 2019 - VOTE HERE!

Guitar Of The Year 2019  

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Once again it's that time of the year! Heading into 2020 we've got a decision to make. Which of 2019's Guitar Of The Month winners will be crowned Guitar Of The Year? You decide! The vote is open until the end of January, so make your vote well-considered and moreover make it count!

As an added bonus this year, we have a baker's dozen of entries, thanks to a tied victory back in January 2019!

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Oh man, like every year it's a hell of a choice between 12....13 entries that are already winners to begin with! I'm still jazzed by @scorpionscar's technical work around the body of his Warrior. Then you've got both of @ScottR's creations which are ridiculously refined and personalised in every aspect as always. @mistermikev's Sweet Spot guitars are a neat and compelling twist on the old Strat theme which appeals to me for several reasons. @komodo's '66 Korina Super Sport is super cool, and I dig where that idea came from and went into an instrument. @MiloszM's Hanar came out of the blue, and hell, how could you not pay attention to the work and stylistic touches in there? @ZekeB's Mako I is a beautiful balance of colour, wood, contrast and contour. Love it. @Andyjr1515 tickles me with his no nonsense approach in making things work from thin air, and having 100% enjoyment with 0% pretense. The essence of Project Guitar in a pint glass 😉 @ADFinlayson dropping The Eye Of Sauron was one thing, but then that Ziricote Stoptail....? Were you having a joke?! I can't quite figure out whether I prefer the look of the front or the back. The entire package, right there.

Purely on the basis that I love them all, I almost feel bad in having to vote for one and not all of them....to the point I almost want to abstain.

However, there is the one. It just ticks the box. It's also not the one my wife likes....!

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