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norm barrows

a simple pup config that covers the full spectrum?

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i'm down to selecting pickups for my x-4 build.   its strung up and tuned up, but not electrified yet.  and no leg bar or armrest yet.

i was planning on a HH config, w/ 2 coil split switches, 2 vols, 2 tones, and a 3 way.

this would give you a wide variety of tones at the flip of a switch (or two).

but me personally, using pedals for tone on a clean channel, i would just tap the next preset on the pedal board.

i don't use volume, tone, different pickups, and preamp and amp overdrive for tone - so i don''t really need tone changes at the flip of a switch on the guitar. 

if i was using the more "old school" method of generating tone - IE different type and locations of pickups, volume and tone controls, tube amps, overdrive, etc. - it would make much more sense to do a "HH,   double coil split,   twin tone,   twin volume"    config.   

so i was looking at the two switches, 4 pots and  3 way required for the HH config. and it really seemed like a lot of work, especially for a way of getting tone that i don't even use (vol, tone, hot passive pickups, tube amps, overdrive, etc).

so i started wondering if there was an easier way to get a wide rage of tones - from tele bridge to humbucker neck, and many / most / all points in between.

first, is it fair to say that tele bridge single coil and neck humbucker more or less represent the two ends of the tonal spectrum (lots of treble to lots of bass)  ?

if so, then what about a tele bridge single coil (most likely with the bridge frame at least - to preserve the tone), and a neck humbucker, a volume for each (mixing board type behavior) and a master tone?

the two volumes would let you blend from pure tele bridge to pure humbucker neck. a single tone control helps keep things simpler.

and it just requires 3 pots and no switches whatsoever.

think it might work?

anyone ever put a humbucker in the neck of a tele?


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