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Hey ya’ll, I’ve got this Ibanez artcore neck pickup and I was hoping some of you magical people could identify the wiring for me. From what it looks like it’s two reds and two blacks that have both been wrapped together respectively.


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looks like the black is a start of one and finish of another... so one red wire is pos and one red wire is black and if it has an additional black wire it should be ground... but the best way to tell is using a multimeter.

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sometimes you can tell by inspection which pairs go to which coils.   

you can then connect any two from the two different coils together. and use the other two as your plus and minus for the pickup. if the sound is dead, swap the wires on one of the coils (they are reversed polarity), and you should be good to go.

its really best to test all combos alligator clipped to a jack and connected to an amp. that way you know for sure which wires are supposed to be connected together, and which ones connect to the rest of the electronics. for best sound.   that way you're sure to get the wires connected to get the coils in the correct order and polarity.

for a neck pickup, the neck coil should be first, i believe.   

So neck then bridge coil will be loudest.

bridge then neck should be second loudest - perhaps indistinguishable from neck then bridge coil.

neck then bridge with one coil out of phase with respect to the other (wires reversed) should be next loudest,

and bridge then neck with one coil out of phase should be softest - again perhaps indistinguishable from neck then bridge with one out of phase.

the neck coil should produce a bit more output, being at a more optimal location.  so you use your less optimally positioned bridge coil as your hum canceling coil  resulting in a slightly stronger signal.   but a test machine might be required to tell the difference.  That's why hooking it to an amp is nice, you can quickly tell what works, what doesn't - what matters, and what doesn't.     


there are only a few ways to hook up a four wire humbucker:

1. coil #1 only (coil split - sampling coil #1)

2. coil #2 only (coil split - sampling coil #2)

3. coils 1 and 2 in series and in phase with each other (normal humbucker mode)

4. coils 1 and 2 in parallel and in phase with each other (side by side single coils in parallel)

5. coils 1 and 2 in series, but out of phase with each other (phase switch)

6 coils 1 and 2 in parallel, but out of phase with each other (side by side single coils in parallel with phase switch).

its possible that both coils in series or parallel with BOTH coils out of phase may make a difference as well, but i doubt it.   this is the equivalent of swapping the leads going to the rest of the electronics, with the coils in phase, in series or parallel.



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