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norm barrows

The Tele Clone

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The Tele Clone

I came across this kit on ebay, and it just screamed "stain me!"


never had a tele - only about $110 - why not?


First order of business was to shape the headstock.  This was to be a straight out tele clone - true to the design.  But not a forgery, complete with fake badging, etc.

I got online and found a diagram for the headstock.


i scaled it to life size, printed it out, cut it out, and used it as a template to mark the headstock for cutting.     the rest was done with jigsaw, sawrasp, sander, and hand sanding.


I was starting to get the hang of using Keda dyes.   So i went for a black with sand back, to accentuate the grain, then a strong mixed red as the overstain color.  Clear coat is lacquer or poly, can't recall which - i've tested so many clearcoats on so many guitars over the last few months.





Like the kit in the photo, my kit came with gold hardware.   Once i saw how the guitar turned out, it was obvious that nothing but silver / chrome would do.   So one bit at a time, i hunted down all the parts to do it all in silver hardware.   The silver locking nut, and silver locking tuners are en route.   I found some strap locks that just happened to match the finish on the guitar.





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