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norm barrows

Guitar #3

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Guitar #3

Another guitar with no name.  the third such build.  hopefully it will come out better than the other two (both failures).

The inspiration...



I used that PRS style neck I had - the one with the extended heel under the neck pickup.    But i cut the s--t out of it. Down to a 19mm hard V w/ 20mm thick triangular heel, and no extension (i cut it off!).   I know - terrible waste of a beautiful PRS style neck.   i should have made a clone of a 24 std carvetop or something with it.    oh well, it wasn't that expensive.


So here's what i did with it... 


Front view...

The part between the pickup and trem is the depth pickguard.     I need to find a plastic cover for the pickup, or squirt the pickup gold, or something.   The cover shown is probably ferrous metal which will kill treble some.  The spacer next to the pickup cover goes under the pickup, which will be solid mounted, pre-shimmed "at the factory" at the correct pickup height.   IE  the old  "if everything starts out where it should be, and nothing moves or changes, you don't need adjustment."  theory. 




Back view   (damn autofocus!)



The PRS neck.    I just barely cut into the truss rod channel this time.    Not as bad as the red guitar, but not a clean hard v like the x-4.   







The new non-extended triangular heel.   I took a LOT of material off of this neck, perhaps 30% or even 40%...




Trem mock-up (back side)....



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