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Hex Sustainer Adventures

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Hello everybody,

I didn't want to contaminate PSW's sustainer thread or continue from his last goodbye post so I've started a new one hoping that's ok.

I'm almost done making a moog inspired guitar, with hex pickups etc.. and thought someone on here may be able to help me on an issue I'm having so I can finally have a celebratory pint and get few likes on instagram.

I got the sustain to work for each string and it is actually sound quite wild.  The only issue is that I get EMI interference from the driver coil up to about 20cm away from the guitar in any direction. The neck pickup being the farthest still picks up a good amount. 

I was investigating how Fernandes deals with it and realised that using an humbucker as a neck pickup might solve the issue.

Before trying that I wanted to ask if anyone knows how's the physics behind the "magnetic field cancellation tab" they use. Or how ferromagnetic materials and magnets could be used to shield from EMI.

A few deets about the driver coil:

6x 6ohm 3mm deep 38awg coils -probably 180 turns- for each string. Driving voltage from amp either 5Vpp or 10Vpp.

Of course at 10Vpp it sounds as if I'm playing through a distortion pedal -even though I'm actually hearing the clean neck pick up- and the strings literally become alive!


Thanks for this amazing forum,




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