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Sweep Picking...

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Well this is one i used to practice







Basic 4 string pattern, and can be adapted for 3 strings or even 5 or 6 strings with a bit of imagination.

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Theres lots of videos up on Youtube which cover sweep picking.

There is indeed, wow, long time between drinks on this post, one of my favourite sweeps is up the left hand side of the pentatonic scale and down the right hand side,







Another thing you can do with sweeping is insert a sweep or half a sweep cycle into a melody, I have put a link to an example with the second half of the sweep above slotted in with some tapping and standard picking,


In the video I tried to play along with my improvised solo and I think I remembered most of the notes except one :D

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some dimished arp's that are real easy to get the feel of sweeping down. you can play it anywhere, just move up or down by 4 frets.

e -----9-12-9----------12-15-12----------15-18-15-----

b --11--------11-----14---------14------17---------17----

g 12------------12-15-------------15--18-------------18---

d ------------------------------------------------------------

a -----------------------------------------------------------

E -----------------------------------------------------------

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Mark Tremonti is crazy good at sweeps and has an instructional DVD out. Probably find the lessons on youtube.

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