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Entry for July 2020's Guitar Of The Month is open - ENTER HERE!


Guitar of the Month for September

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The Project Guitar.com "Guitar of the Month" contest is a showcase for all the members, so show us your axe in this thread!

This contest is open to any and all members that enter and will be continued each month for a place showing your creation on the homepage!

The winner(s) of course will have his/her guitar featured on the homepage of Project Guitar.com and if you have a website the picture will link directly to it if you so choose (even commercial site's).

If your a forum member you will also be upgraded to a Featured member which allows you to see the Advanced Chat section and download area.

So show us your creation in this thread! You've got till midnight EST the 23rd of August then this thread gets locked and the voting starts!

Any Post that is not an entry will be deleted, feel free to start a new thread to discuss any guitar entered this month

There will be more then one poll to determine winners in different catagorys at the end of this contest!

Please post a maximum of your 4 best pictures per guitar entered

Side note, if you are unable to post a picture you can e-mail one to Brian and it will be posted for you

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I think that is the best blue guitar I've ever seen. Blue can easily look, you know, kinda cheap and toy-like. Your axe is really classy, well done!

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Any Post that is not an entry will be deleted, feel free to start a new thread to discuss any guitar entered this month

delete this one too, after its been seen :D

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Hi there, B)

I'm back again and this time I will enter this baby in the Guitar of the month contest.





Body: two piece Alder (computer routed, the contour and cavity lines were so sharp you would easily hurt yourself.

Neck: Wizard neck from an RG550

Fretboard: ebony

Piramide Inlay: green abalone (front), red abalone (side) and blue acrilic (top side)

(I cut out the pieces for the piramides myself, the fretboard was also computer routed)

Fretwire: Dunlop 6105

Pickups: Dimarzio Evolution DP159F (bridge), Dimarzio HS2 in single coil mode and another Dimarzio Evolution DP158F (neck)

Electronics: Ibanez volumepot 500K, Ibanez tone pot 500K with a DPDT push/pull swith (when it is pulled, the bridge humbucker is always on), Ibanez 5-way switch VLW91 and an Ibanez jack-input.

Hardwear: Ibanez Edge with lock nut and retainer bar, Gotoh tuning machines.

Finish: I used a sparkeling white sort of sealer in spraycans (about 10 thin layers. 3 each time then let it dry for about a week, next 3 etc.)

After that, and dont't be surprised, I followed the instructions on the BORAX SWIRLING TUTORIAL on Project Guitar. Indeed using enamel from HUMBROL. I tested a lot, after that swrled it and let it dry for about three weeks.

And finally I put a polyurethane clear coat on top (also from a spraycan and in about 9 layers, wetsanding every 3 layers with 1200 gritt. The last few layers I wetsanded with 2000 gritt. Finaly polished it (by hand) and there was my result.

Note: By applying the polyurethane clear coat the whole thing started to amber. My opinion: "I'm glad it did!"

It's the first time ever I built a guitar, but it won't be the last, trust me.

Hope ya like it!!! :D

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I'd like to enter my "Tigger-burst" singlecut 5string bass.

There is a thread in the "in progress" section with pictures of the construction.


I guess the things that make this bass unique are the 35.5 scale and of course the LightWave optical pickups.

I milled and built the tigger-burst out of locally grown lumber, and hardware off the internet. Everything that went into building it I learned from Project Guitar.

I've never read a book on building or finishing.

Body: walnut with a ribboned maple top

neck: Laminated Flamed maple/walnut/rock maple/walnut/rock maple/walnut/flamed maple . It extends through the body to the stap lock.

fretboard: Birdeye maple with 28 jumbo frets.

Finish: I dyed the top with aniline dye to match one of our cats "tigger"

Then I used tru-oil gunstock oil to give it a natural look.

hardware: Sperzel locking tuners. Brass cover plates. hand made brass nut. dunlop flushmount straplocks, The five string LightWave Pickup system.(built into the bridge) and five genaric knurled volume and tone knobs.





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I dub thee guitar theee ASOcaster :D ((i realise that the guitars before mine are waaaaay to good compared to mine but meh.. lol))

Ok i have now finished my project for my customised strat and i want to share with you the tribulations of the project. This is my first guitar project ever.

My task recently has been to customising a squier strat to be a little better then it usually would be, I was given this guitar froma freind of mine as he wanted me to kit it out for myself.

It was just a basic bog standard affinity strat with the 5 peice body and rather nice headstock. I had many ideas to which i wanted it to be, One of which was a fretless sustainer equipped guitar, But i thought this a little outlandish and expensive.

So i settled on making it into a bog standard Funk guitar.

This is a picture of what it was.


My first job was to strip the entire thing. To just the bare minimums, Unfortunatly i took some of the original primer off which is what i didnt want to do, but kept it as it was, hopefully to finish sanding later. I sold off all the old parts away, including, bridge, Tuners, pickups, scratchplate, etc basically until i was left with the body and neck, I swapped the rather nice squiers neck with a so-so kramer strat neck, as i wanted the other neck in a different project. Now if it was my choice it would be a maple fingerboard neck, but beggars cant be choosers.

This ws the body underneath the candy red paint


Then i had to decide what i wanted out of the guitar, What i did want to do was have a decent tremelo bridge, and from previous experience with the tremelo i decided on a washburn wonderbar Bridge in lovely chrome. Which is still on order, but i have a spare gold one to use as a base for calculations and drill holes and such. I plumped for fender lace sensor gold set, ((red in bridge, silver, in mid, and blue in neck))

At any rate, i exchanged the original squier neck for a Kramer focus neck as i found it more sexy for this guitar.


These are used by many blues/funk artists, for the nice smooth neck pup and the snappy bridge pup. I got the set of relatvily cheap so its all good

then i decided on some different hardware. I managed to get a ESp replacement pickguard from a freind for SSS config. Only a 1 ply guard, simplicity at its best .

Then i bought original fender USA strat electronics, pots and jackplate and tuners.




The tuners have to have new holes drilled in the body to go in. Due to old the chinese el cheapo tuners needing 2 screw holes each.

NEw holes have to be drilled for the wonderbar locking nut, and bridge, The jackplate and pickguard.

Now i decided on a lovely natural finish on the strat, I went out to my local b&q store and bought some wood dye, to make the strats body look more.. "woody" being the technical term.

I bought the red mahagony flavour :licklips:

And then some clear gloss varnish ((honest mistake should have bought matt.))

At the time my freind Roman, ((known to you as the customisation guru streamline)) was visiting my house and he helped me apply the oil and varnish thanks roman

this is what the body looked like after the oil had been applied.


The marks on the above picture is where i sanded down past the primer, so it gave it a rugged "just been beaten up" look which appealed to me.

we applied one coat of varnish only.

Now im waiting for the new chrome wonderbar to come, pickups and get the whole thing put together with brand new white volume covers((or silver you guys recommend me what would look nice ))

The chrome wonderbar came in and all the electronics. The pickups came just today too .

Well, I wired all the electronics ((fender USA strat with 250K pots)) Standard strat switching and soldered them to the pickups taking special care over the grounding of the body wire. I tried using the bridge as a soldering point but because it was made out of a special alloy i cannot solder the wire to the bridge part. So i sellotaped the insulation to the cavity and let the bridge slam shut on the exposed wire part.

This is the first time ive completely wired a pickguard up and im very happy with the results . Also i managed to get some SNAZZY chrome dome strap pins, that look very nice on the strat . The picture below is me halfway through the wiring



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Well it was hard work keeping all the wires of the electronics in the body enough so that i could screw the pickguard back down But i managed it in the end.

I put everything together and plugged in the guitar with one A string strung through the bridge whilst using my hand as a tuning peg and strummed a note or two to make sure all was working and adjusted the pickup heights accordingly though not very accurately. At least i knew everything worked

Btw the pickups are Lace sensor Hot gold pickups. Not the gold set as a first thought.

The Bridge single is 13.2K the neck and middles 6k


I took the guitar up to a freinds shop and he drilled holes for the tuners and a new set of holes for the locking nut that was drilled slightly wrong.

The Locknut was duly installed. The guitar was then given a full setup and clean.

The pickups are very sweet there are good if subtle differences between the pups and the neck mid and bridge mid ive finally found the uses for ! the guitars great for blues and funk playing. Amazingly the guitar only needed a few adjustments to the bridge saddles and it was ready to play.


I picked white strat knob covers in the end. I just wanted the classic strat finish and the numbers B)

The wonderbar works fantasticly hardly going out of tune. With the neck being put under pressure since the setup from the strings the tunings even better.

The range on the wonderbar is good. I can pull up a step pulling and pushing downwards. oooo about 2 steps. not sure yet. I think i did a lame ass job at soldering however. and i reckon after a bit of use may come loose so another job to do there.

So final specs are.


(5!) peice alder body semi laminated.

Red mahagony dyed finish

USA electronics jackplate and Tuners.

Washburn wonderbar bridge

Bridge mid and neck Lace sensor pickups ((hot gold))

21 fret one peice maple neck with rosewood fingerboard.

Anyway heres some samples to give you a little idea of the tone.

((And yes i was listening to a drummondo tune on the first one by accident you can hear it in the background. doh :D



Clean going through all positions


Random clean tone thing


Distorted \M/

Questions ? :D


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At first we wasn't going to enter this contest, because of all the great guitars that are always in the contest. Plus, even when we was considering it, it was for the amateur division, which I guess doesn't exsist anymore. I still get emails from people telling me we should enter it, so we decided to enter it. We'll anyway, here it is.

This guitar was built in a little over a month's time by Mr. Carl Lowe and me. The body was painted by his son Mitch Lowe after all the building and prep work was done. If you want to read the whole process on how it was built, from scratch to finish check out this link below.

Making Of A Strat

The whole object was to build a Strat like Leo Fender did exactly 50 years later, which was very worthwhile.

Here are the specs on this guitar.


Finish: Blue Burst

Body: 2 piece Swamp Ash

Neck: Maple

Pickups: Fender Vintage Noiseless

Tuners: Sperzel Locking

Frets: 22 jumbo

Fretboard Radius: 12"

Neck thickness: .220" (1st fret); .250" (12th)

Pearloid Pickguard, and Abalone dot inlays

Vintage Tremelo Bridge

Here are some of the pictures:





I really wish I had time to take better pictures, because it really doesn't capture the guitar's finish very good. It is real hard to narrow your pictures down to only four like the contest post said that we shouldn't go over.

Here are two soundclips I recorded with the Blue Burst Strat, so you can get an idea of what the tone is like. I used my Line 6, Axsys212 to record these.

This first sample is of me playing Little Wings intro with a slight bit of overdrive in the tone but mostly a clean sound. I was playing in the neck/middle position.

Little Wings - Strat

The second sample is a Santana type style. It was just thought up on the spot. It was recorded in the middle/bridge position. Marshall Plexi was the model I was using for this sound. I used a drum machine. Then played bass, and organ with my Roland GR-33 synth. The guitar tone was quite nice on this guitar. I even overdubbed another guitar part to harmonize with it a bit. lol

Downtime - Strat

GregP told me he think it sounds like Iron Maiden joined Santana to play this.. lol Who knows with as many collaborations he does, it might just happen some day.. :D

Hope you liked the Strat.

Matt Vinson

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oh sweet jesus, it's done. i haven't been following the thread ('cause of the quote unquote clutter) so to see the pics now from where i left off is, just, well...wow.

this whole month, well...sucks...

i'm gonna null my vote...

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