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  • Guitar Of The Month - May 2017

    The Fugly Fretless

    "based on Ritter Jupiter

    • 6 string (.135 low B to .38, D'Addario rounds) 34" scale
    • Mahogany body, maple neck, Indian Rosewood fingerboard and truss rod cover, mahogany pickup cover
    • Nordstrand Dual Coils pickup (Alnico 3 mags) direct to output jack
    • Hipshot Bass Tune-a-matic bridge, 19mm spacing
    • Kiesel Tuners
    • Corian "deep night sky" nut
    • Colored Side fret dots- grey/red first octave, blue single at 12th, grey/green second octave, blue single at 24th, single grey at 25th (no point going past that- I will never be up there)
    • 10.4 lbs
    • Timbermate grain filler, Seagrave Lacquer, colortone black piqment, applied with Preval sprayer
    • pickup cover is color coats only, no clear coats and no grain filler
    • Hand buffed finish
    • Fingerboard was oiled with 80% Watco Danish oil/20% Minwax Wipe-on Poly (satin), then 8 razor thin coats of wipe on poly.

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