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  2. I must admit the thoughts that went through my head were: that's a lovely clean build, I wonder how much he charges for a guitar like that, no dammit I'm a builder too
  3. Well hopefully I'll need it pretty soon. I'm starting to run out of sawdust in need of removal
  4. Very helpful, thanks for the answer!
  5. thank you @Splintazert - just restrung it last night and played for a while... just thrilled. getting close on the blonde version too... did my wiring on monday. waiting for the nitro to cure. should be about 2 wks before I can shine it up and start assembly. then I'll have to start thinking about a demo video. that reminds me... I need to find some osh-kosh-b-gosh coveralls!
  6. I've done that before and it's not irreparable....but it does take some effort. I cut a bigger scoop with hand gouges and cleaned up with sandpaper. Whilst I was doing that it was pointed out that the inside of those scoops go very dark and nearly opaque with dye, and therefore are really forgiving to repair efforts. Looking at your pictures, I see that you cannot see through the finish to the wood in your original finish job either. On the other hand that is a nicer piece of wood you've got for a new top. SR
  7. Even later to this, but many congrats on the win @mistermikev, it's an excellent guitar.
  8. Slap some strings on it and play it already. SR
  9. Cocobolo always darkens on its own. it's already loaded with oil. This piece has been in my garage for at least 8 years, so it's held up pretty well. I expect it will get lighter and show some orange when I sand it....and then darken back to where it is now. SR
  10. Thank you Norris Yes, I agree on the colour combination. Originally off/vintage white, I thought the blue and Walnut worked really well
  11. yeah I've told him now anyway. This top is much better though, quarter sawn I think, so no annoying growth rings all over it that don't take stain. Should be a lot stronger too. Also much nicer flame on this one.
  12. Congrats on the new job and apols for holding the ssssssssssssss key a touch too long! Can't remember if I did an actual tutorial on slurry and buff but I can certainly find you some explanations of how I go about it. Just give a shout whenever. Andyy
  13. Who knows, maybe they've stained the whole guitar "yellow" or amber or any of that sort before applying the actual colour and finish? From Crimson guitars I've learned that they use a yellow or pink base stain for accentuating the blue main stain, something that sounds very odd at first thought but it really works. They use spirit based stain for the base so it won't blend with the water based stain spread over it.
  14. Ouch! Just as you had found the solution for the grain filling paint and the sanding balls. There's no butt cheek pattern on the new top. If he doesn't notice he's blind or he just doesn't appreciate the efforts you put into his guitar to look that close.
  15. I started a new job just over 3 months ago (after 15 years with my previous employer, my last day being exactly a week after my long service award!) and haven't been as active on any forums since. I'll be visiting again soon to look up your "slurry & buff" tutorial - I recall you did one on there
  16. Hi Norris Yes - did a fairly detailed thread as it is for one of the regulars there. I also have to dip in and out of the different forums....there isn't enough time to do them all justice!
  17. welcome! great job on the axes.
  18. lookin like a right proper axe. great work keep it up!
  19. digging that fret board Scotty. The waves are cool. Hopefully it wont darken up TOO much once you oil it.
  20. Yesterday
  21. So today was a particularly bad day in the world of Ash’s guitars. After my daughter helped me sand the top - she did a fantastic job i had a go at rerouting the pot recesses and catastrophe struck. Massive irreparable tearout i could in theory fix this with wood filler, but that will mean the area won’t take stain and a solid colour isn’t an option. So I jointed and glued a new top tonight, I haven’t decided whether to plane this top off the body or to remake the whole body with a view to reuse this one with a solid finish. havent told the owner yet, im tempted to just see if he notices
  22. Fabulous job again Andy. I've not been keeping up with the basschat builds recently - I assume it's from there (In fact I've not been on the forum much at all lately)
  23. You're off to a great start with that collection. Welcome!
  24. Lovely clean work as usual. That combination looks particularly gorgeous
  25. Its all good. I like metal. I like the Sword (even though the last two albums have been trippy). And I haven't updated it enough so this is all good.
  26. Yeah but the worn area seem more "yellow" than the (red) mahogany itself....It's got a, for lack of a better term, "bleached" look to it.... I have some mahogany scraps..... "SCIENCE" time....
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