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    Coat of slight purply black then sandback. Forgot about the thin maple in the pinstripe even though I thought about that last night laying in bed. “remember to mask that!” On sandback the pinstripe brightened up again, couldn't find a way to mask it well and did it again. Ha! I’ll do some surgical sanding in the pinstripes to lighten them up, or may leave it as they look just like the body and match? Now I’ll figure out some tiny fills, take of the mask and HOPE I got a clean edge on the sides. It needs some kind of sealer coats, I’ve got vinyl, fresh shellac or nitro. You pick. The Macassar trem cover, looks out of place now being very brown and stripey. It may darken considerably after oiling, but I’ve got dye as well. I’m not sure about the glow in the dark starfield fretboard, its not exactly how I wanted it. I’ll take another stab at it, worst case is a new board with a streamlined look. Maybe even blocks? I saw one with moon phases that was cool AF.
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    Wicking in thin CA left it looking like this. I broke open those bubbles and did multiple fills with CA.That left a smooth surface. but was still visible.And after a week it sank, as expected. What follows is a long process of adding a bit of tinted lacquer to diffuse the visible areas and lacquer spot fills over that. Rinse and repeat and finally add enough lacquer to stand proud and leave it that way for a few months and then level and polish it again. That is where it stands right now. It is smooth today, and I'm going to finish the glamour shots in this condition. I found myself in bright low angle sun again and took this shot specially for @Bizman62. And the rest for all of us. SR
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    I assume your Asus is running some version of the Android OS. Things you can try at your end for now: Use a different browser. On my old Samsung S3 smartphone ProjectGuitar wouldn't display properly using the default Safari browser. Using Chrome everything worked correctly, even if the poor old phone didn't have the horsepower to run Chrome very well. Try your tablet on a different WiFi network, see if things change. Try another tablet/smartphone/laptop/Commodore 64 on your current WiFi network and see if the issue persists. At the bottom of each page on the forum you can switch between different display themes (not sure if this is visible to regular users, might be an admin-only thing). Try one of the earlier themes and see if things start behaving themselves: Is the issue solely confined to ProjectGuitar, or are other graphics-heavy websites also affected? Try other forums where you know a lot of people post pictures or websites which use lots of images (car companies are a good place to start). Most browsers on mobile devices have an option to request the desktop version of a website in their settings. Try switching between the two to see if it makes a difference. Are other users of your particular Asus tablet raising similar faults elsewhere on the net? Maybe try doing a Google search for the model number and see if there is a group of complaints about poor internet performance in the last 6 months that might point towards a software update issue or a general failing of the product. FWIW I haven't seen any issues here using a Samsung Galaxy S8 (mobile data and several different WiFI networks), a Windows 10 laptop on my home network, a Windows 7 laptop at the office or via mobile hotspot, and a Linux desktop. I will, however, qualify that statement by adding that I do have an Asus tablet that really struggles with anything more than email, despite being a real gun when I bought it some time ago. One day it just decided that it wanted a bit of a lie down and it hasn't been the same since. Get in touch if things still aren't working for you and we'll see if there's more that can be done. If anyone else is finding similar issues please let us know via the Site Feedback and Issue Reporting Area. If it's only a couple of users that are affected it suggests that perhaps there's something at their end, but if it's a whole group of people it might be a wider issue at ours. If the error reports are kept in one location on the forum it will be easier for us to track and gauge.
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    Nice joints on the tops. Invisible glue lines are way up high on the list of things that give me satisfaction......guitar build wise. SR
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    Well, you better get yer skates on, 'cause I've just opened the poll. And apologies to @verhoevenc - I couldn't find a name on your entry post, so I've titled it "Mustaguar". Rules is rules...
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    so almost done with all my templates, but waiting on some 1/8" straight bits for headstocks, fholes and other detail items. here are my three body blanks weighed in at the start... first up the baritone 'les flaws'. I bought this body on craigslist for $40... it's solid quilted maple and was already hogged out. needs a little tlc on the shape and the centerline is about 1/8" off. Thought it'd be ideal for a baritone as the maple is hard and bright and lower notes will benefit in tightness. this one will be the 'tuxedo' blank. and finally the broadchaser blank at 1 15/16 weighing int at a hefty 8lbs 6oz. here is a blank I made up of a wenge center with flamed maple outters. both the les flawes and tuxedo necks will come out of this piece. below that is a heavily flamed piece I'm using for the broadchaser. here are the 'les flaws' and tuxedo blanks cut apart and planed down rough. "If they don't find you handsome they should at least find you handy" -redgreen. Started working wood last night on my "broadchaser". So with that in mind I hope to learn something here and perhaps someone else will find it useful. How much weight will I reduce by doing 'x'. So below is a series of picks detailing my tele body weighed at differing points. My ash isn't as light as I thought (apparently my estimate was off a bit) so I figure I need to get it down in the 4-5 lbs weight range at the most. taking off 1/4" of wood dropped it down from 8lbs 6oz to 7lbs 9.4oz. cutting it to shape took me from 7lbs 9.4oz to 6lbs 12oz cut my pickup and control cavities to 1 1/4" depth... in hopes of removing as much weight as possible... that took me from 6lbs 12oz down to 6lbs 6.3oz I could still remove a little off the back and get down to 1 1/2", and I think I will, but I'm guessing that isn't going to remove enough... so now I have to build a template to make a smugglers route. Since I have to do that anyway, I've decided I'm going to go back to a single coil in the neck and do a 'hidden' coil just under the pickguard and just in front of the bridge so I can keep my wiring interesting. looks like it's going to be tough to get this under 5...even with a deep smugglers router still at 5lbs 10oz. going to plane another 3/16 off the back... probably do a substantial belly cut... and end up right near 5.
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    @mistermikev Thanks! Well I don’t know if I love it yet, but in an effort to decide what to do on the inside horns and to connect more with my teen son, I consulted and let him decide. Mild bevel. Pretty sure I’ll need to carve a little deeper to match the other side of the horn.
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    @curtisa, @ScottR, @Norris, @ihocky2, just wanted to thank you all. I was working on my f hole tonight and admittedly a bit in despair. Tried several bits and even cutting shallow and was having a hell of a time keeping things smooth. considered building it in 4 pieces so I could use my sanding drum on it... and didn't want to use my nice new inlay bits - was saving those for inlay... but tried them... my gawd. made it a piece of cake. amazed at the difference. the other bits I was using were decent bits too... but the tiny cutting diameter and fluted end gave me so much more control... floored and thankful for the help from my friends. Just wanted to acknowledge and say thanks for the support. it was these: https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-1-16-0625-CARBIDE-2-FLUTE-ENDMILLS-DOWNCUT-PLASTIC-WOOD-1650-0625-250/153117509130 that were seconded by curtisa. flipping amazing bits! anyone looking for inlay bits... haven't used them yet but can tell you they will be oustanding. very easy to get a nice even surface out of em too. cheers
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    I generally use Inkscape for the conceptual designs. I actually like it better than illustrator just because the vector nodes are easier to control. After I have the concept I'll start making layers in photoshop and take picture of timber I actually have to play around with it. Its a lot of busy work but once you have the foundations set you have a lot of flexibility. Here's an example where I'm at right now: So I've uploaded the Ziricote picture I took and started to flesh it out with different hardware and binding etc. From there you can just turn layers on and off to see the different looks. Its all about the layers! Gold: White theme in the making
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    Hey a bit of progress lately. I glued the back on Then trimmed it with a nasty machine Then used another nasty machine After sanding round the edges I wasn't happy with the result... So I made yet another Template so I could router the back And finally smoothing out the dips and bumps Then onto the other end using some High-Tech graphic design tools And now shh THE SECRET NUMBERS! I made this Fret Scale ruler with an angled edge to help transfer the line to the Fretboard, don't know if you can see it Now just check with the R9 and it was spot on. I know I should use A STEEL RULER but they're just so hard to read from! And on with the job Now with the slots cut I have a dilemma, should I Radius then bind or bind then Radius? If the slots end up being too shallow afterward I will be in big trouble. I cut down to this line which seems rather deep but after doing the Radius its surprising how much comes off. I think I should Radius then bind, any opinions or thoughts?
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    Looks great, given me an idea for later down the road.
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    Got the Truss rod on eBay, can’t really comment on how reliable it is although I’m pretty sure I’ve another of the same without the spike wheel and it works fine. Turns easy enough both ways so I think it will do the job. Spoke wheel Dual Type guitar Truss Rod 440mm 460mm and 630mm TR13 Diameter is approx 15mm
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    Haha, Definitely dont re do things just on account of how i do them! This one for the life of me wont show up correct on camera. I'll have to try some different lighting.
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    Or @curtisa 's boss has fixed something so I don't encourage him to visit the site in works time...
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    ROFL...shall I leave out the cuss words?
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    Done Although, it did add a certain charm to the proceedings. Don't they say that the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result each time?
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    Thanks Zeke! Could have just as easily been yours, which was a true beauty. SR
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    It will be because the S10 natively takes pictures in the HEIC format, which is incompatible with the forum software. You can either change your phone settings to disable HEIC image saves and upload directly to the forum, or copy the image from Dropbox once you've uploaded it and paste it into your post. Dropbox seems to automatically covert the image to a JPG so that the rest of the world can view it when they visit the link, but doesn't appear to provide you with a link to embed it into a post, so you have to do it manually: Tadaaa:
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    I would upload the pics here but the galaxy s10e doesn't make the pic resolution small enough love the Salvador reference!
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    Absolutely. There has been a lot of effort put into the site to ensure that images don't disappear from threads, on the vagaries of image hosting providers. Uploading to the site means your photos will be preserved and makes it a lot easier to follow your thread. I'm not a link-clicking fan either Welcome to the site btw
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    You might figure where a 45 degree camber falls within the roundover and cut that first. SR
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    No probs . TBH I can't think of too many situations where you'd need to print the neck as a 1:1 template. Headstock, yes. But unless the neck does something odd, like the fretboard only goes partway up the neck under the low E string and gets cut short, there's no reason you'd need anything other than two straight lines to represent the sides of the neck, and a couple of perpendicular lines to indicate the nut and last fret. Basing the neck build entirely off the fretboard even negates the need to print it in the first place.
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    That's true, however I've been doing a lot of very very large workpieces that demand a lot of detail work where fingers help. Gloves end up dripping and throwing oil around in my experience, whereas fingers push and roll excess nicely. It's whatever works based on the situation....in mine it involves sticky oily fingers. Black Walnut bed, all in Tru-Oil.
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    This is going to be awesome
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    I'd use a tint coat to add the transparent purple touch you want. SR
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    That has happened to me from time to time.Usually the next day everything is as it should be and the pictures that didn't load in fact did load. SR
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    looking good man- I have been lurking around and not commenting much- meant to say this the other day- and a belated bonus points on the beer cap. very cool.
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    Welcome to the Guitar Of The Month entry for November 2019! ProjectGuitar.com's Guitar Of The Month contest is a showcase for members to exhibit their creations and to vote on their favourites. The contest is open entry for any and all members, new or old. Winner(s) receive a featured article at the head of the ProjectGuitar.com homepage and elevated member status. ProjectGuitar.com receives tens of thousands of unique visitors monthly; Guitar Of The Month is a great way to showcase your creations to the world! Submissions are open throughout the month with public voting open in the last week. Polls close on the first weekend of each month. Lastly, if you didn't win a previous month's Guitar Of The Month contest, you are encouraged to enter your build again the next month for a maximum of three consecutive months. Sometimes one entry just hits it out of the park and eclipses everything! Tips and Guidelines Upload a maximum of eight photos for the instrument in your post Ensure that your guitar has a name otherwise we'll make one up List additional descriptive information specific to the build; for example.... The woods and materials used, especially if there is something unusual in there! Scale length(s) and other specific configuration details Electronics, pickups, etc. Is this your first build, fifth or five-hundredth? A bit of information on your own background as a builder helps give context to your build. Was it built in the garage, at school, work or in your own shop? A summary of the build's history. Was it built for yourself, friend/family or a client? Did you design the instrument and its specifications or was it built to spec? What were the inspirations behind the instrument and why were various build aspects chosen? Any background on what makes it special? Posting a link to your guitar-building website, Photobucket, Facebook, etc. is fine, even if it is your business. In the spirit of fairness towards less experienced builders, we encourage professional builders to consider whether their entries constitute being "fair". Commercial "standard" models are not a valid entry, guys....Guitar Of The Month is about unique and characterful builds, not rubber-stamped production units! We reserve the right to pull entries that are thinly-guised adverts; ProjectGuitar.com is about community, sharing build processes and the exchange of ideas - not a vehicle for adverts by members that don't engage with the community. If you documented your build in the forums, post a link to the thread; instruments with a build thread shared tend to attract more votes from the general community. In our experience this is the biggest attractor of votes. ProTip: Voters vote with their ears as well as their eyes....if you have any soundclips of the instrument or even a YouTube video, do post it! Everybody loves to look at beautiful instruments, but hearing them demo'ed is 10x as important. ----==---- Unsure what to write? Have a look around the entry archives for suggestions! ----==---- If you have any questions about the contest, either PM the moderator team or ask forum members; we're a helpful bunch! This thread is exclusively for entry posts only - any post that is not an entry will be deleted. We love to hear your discussions and opinions on the month's entries whilst the polls are open. Alternatively, head over to that instrument's build thread if one has been made in the entry post. Good luck to all entrants!
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    While there's no project I do where there isn't at least one point where I think 'will this EVER get finished', other than that, I like many, many aspects. For me it's a hobby. If I was trying to make money, then I think it would become a bit of a trial. But as it is: - I like the mental challenge. It's why I quite like doing the odd-balls - the 'how am I going to do THAT?' aspect - Now I've learnt how to sharpen blades, I love using hand tools - especially hand planes - I love the response when I first pass the finished product across to someone I've built for or a much loved instrument that has been saved after a mishap. - I love the response of friends and family when they see a finished product. 'What - YOU made this??? What - YOU????' - I still get a kick when, against all my expectations, what I've built sounds tangibly better than a bit of string pulled over a baked bean can - I get a HUGE kick when I see one of my instruments played live. Heard one of my basses on the radio the other day. Massive thrill! - I love carving necks and body shapes What I don't particularly enjoy is: - sanding. I don't do it well enough. I don't do it long enough - fret-dressing. Dislike doing the first one and then I know I've got to do it again another 23 times - working with ebony. Love the end product. Hate the mess and the sheer hard work (see 'sanding') - not overly keen on finishing. Bit too hit and miss for my liking. But tolerating those few dislikes is a small price to pay for such a fulfilling pastime.
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    Apparently a car hit a pole and knocked it down, so not the fault of TXU for once. Power is back and life is better. Upon further reflection (and pricing research) I've decided my travel trailer build (while feasible in most cases) is pretty dumb for me because 1) I'm not made of money 2) it robs me of a trailer 3) I have my 40' container which is quite swank already and is 95% complete. All it needs is a bathroom remodel(my attempt at building my own shower was a spectacular failure, and a septic backup really disgusted me into basically cleaning it up and disconnecting it.) and a small kitchen... so yesterday I ripped everything out and started by installing a skylight. I'll post pics when I have something worth showing. Transport is the rough part, but I may just try to find a decent used Dolly and modify it to be a permanent attachment to the container, as it would have the added benefit of raising the elevation and allowing me to purchase a large container as a septic tank that I could pay to have pumped occasionally.
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    tons of shite going on in my universe these days, but every now and then a nice break in the storm clouds comes my way. My 25th service anniversary with the company I work for came up in late September- and got to pick a gift. I got the cookware for my 15th, a Coach purse for the Mrs on my 20th, and this year- finally something I really wanted to get. and need. desperately. I finally get a proper replacement for the one I sold when I was getting together the down payment for my house. It only took me 15 years and an anniversary gift from my company to do it. now to find the time to do anything with it.
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    Awesome. Such a great moment to bring it to life. Did you hear it's voice?! With all the fighting with springs and screws, cracks and everything - hopefully it helps to know there is a group of people here who totally understand because they are also fighting same or similar battles.
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    So I've figured out the wiring theme I'm going for. It will have 4 knobs, two tones and two volumes. The tones will actually have dual concentric pots one for treble and bass. There will be a master volume and one for just the neck and bridge. It will have a few other items but here's the basic positions. Still hunting for the right pickups. Oh and I'm about ready for the CAD part. I think my concept is getting closer. Not sure If I have enough meat to make the carve I want. May just do flat top for once. Added an inlay to fit the body at the headstock. The small loop there will have a slight carve to it as well. Starting to feel like a complete idea.
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    Here in Oz the thing to worry about is honky nuts falling out of the gum trees ....well me anyway cos I spray just outside the shed
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    That's the kind of template I like! Far too often it seems that a hobbyist wants factory made templates and jigs for a one time project.
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    Certainly, if it's a poor fit. Some newspaper rolled under the sweatband does a nice shim for a tighter fit. My hats seemed to shrink at the same pace as my hairdo got skinnier. Or, did my head grow so fast it pushed the hair off?
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    My goodness!!! That would stop the traffic in these parts.... Out of a score of 10 I'd give it 25!
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    is it small enough to mount on a guitar? <g> line6 doesn't sell the variac technology as a stand alone guitar part. but helix looks to be the same sort of thing in a box. better make it two or three of everything in case you want to jam with some friends who happen to drop by - that's what i did.
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    First Concept here. Was my original thought.
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    Thank you sir. Perhaps you have evil spirits in your garage as well. SR
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    I'm curious to see how such strong resonances affect the final amplified sound. The complex nature of wooden instruments lead to a similarly complex tone. A singular material is more or less the polar opposite. It'll likely be very distinctive.
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    Getting back to the guitar, some shavings have actually been removed again. Continuing the pursuit of noise and dust management, I've tried out yet another hand tool -the Veritas Cornering tool kit. Worked really well for radiusing the edges consistently. Easy to use, as long as you're aware of the grain direction.
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    Just wanted to say I'm loving your work, Mr Kemp, and thanks for the pointers on multiscales/neutral fret positions etc. I'm doing my first one at the moment and to realise I don't need a slanted bridge or pups is a lot less hassle and money spent!
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    For a small and relatively modest space, you're making it super-productive and putting out some high quality pieces!
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    I realize I am late commenting here but that orange is seriously bad ass.
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    Yeah, I could go with that. Apart from the leftie bit.
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