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    Neck glued in Adding some sealer Number 2 I emailed a place about white decals and they took to long to respond so I just painted it and I'm really happy with the white! The maple butterflies got some blue dust on them from sanding and I just couldn't get them as clean as when they were first filed so I decided to really make'em pop with white So close! http://i171.photobucket.com/albums/u286/razor279/DSC00770.jpg[/img
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    This is what I used to finish this white limba body and mahogany neck. Wiped on a light oak minwax stain and let it dry. Wiped on several light coats of wipe-on-poly with paint sponge. Allowed 24 hours between coats. After about 5 to 10 (can't remember exactly) coats, I wet sanded and then buffed out with #0000 wool. Then I hand buffed with wax. This guitar is around 3 years old and is my primary player. Finish has held up great for me. I did the same thing for this flat sawn zebrawood guitar and the same thing for this Padauk/ limba guitar
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    After letting the second part of these two sit for a while longer I've decided to assemble it for now and save stripping and refinishing for a later date. Possibly when I get to the finishing stage of my next build. We'll see how ages and if it gets any harder. It seems more pragmatic that way. So here are a few progress pics on the second build in this thread that I manages to get done this weekend. I shielded the cavity same as my other builds. I'm showing this because I wanted to show off the three dollar reamer I got from Harbor Freight. It works quite well for such a cheap tool. I got the neck buffed out and here it is soaking in some conditioning oil. This was my first time wiring a two conductor pickup. I had a lot of lead on these and didnt want to clip them off in case I swapped them out later. Not the prettiest job but its the best I can do so far and each one is getting cleaner. I set about making a nut today and found that the black graphite nut blank I was going to use was too short and couldnt be used. So being Sunday I used the tusq nut I had laying around. Here is the beginning stages of blocking it out. A little shape sanding and some polishing on a buffing wheel attached to my drill press. Next was filing the slots in the brass saddles. And the finished saddle slots and nut. The top of this nut could have probably been taken down a little more but technically its temporary until I can install a black one.
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    and almost done and with pickups and done... and shipped to customer
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