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    There have been a couple times I've slotted a fretboard and thought it was perfect, then find out after glueing it all up I have one slot that's a hair off one way or another. That's disheartening to say the least, especially if you realize it when installing the frets.
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    and the bond is always stronger than the leaf itself...
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    I have done stuff like this a lot. I would recount some of it here, but I seem to have blocked most of it out. Suffice to say, when you use the term "rage repair," I know exactly what you mean. I have had to train myself to put stuff down and walk away for a while. It helps to have a bunch of projects going at the same time, let my ADD take care of my OCD.
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    Last year I was building an 8 string. All woodwork was finished. Fretting finished etc etc, i was just about to do the fret level and then get it ready to paint, so I had a lot of time invested i it. When I went to just tweak the truss rod to make the neck level before filing the truss rod broke. I couldnt get it out. I didnt want to remove the board so I took it to my brothers so we coud try weld a piece of metal on the end, heat up the metal to free any glue that was holding it in place and pull the truss rod out. Long story short it didn't work. When it didnt work over and over we tried different ways and each time becoming more lazy protecting the surrounding timber from burn marks. On the last attempt, the timber actually caught on fire and burned out around the inside of the truss slot and burned the end of the fingerboard as well. I got a nice burn on my finger at the same time! This guitar now lives in what I call the "wall of shame" (probably more appropriately called the wall of stupidity) and was rebuilt from scratch. The truss rod supplier apologised upon my complaint and said they had a faulty batch. Posted out a new truss rod.
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