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    Likely! Well, I think that since the hops used in CCCCC IPA are pretty well understood you can imagine what a ~7% deep copper-bodied IPA at 100 IBU would be like. Drying but refreshing in all the right quantities. I'm simply gratified that we had the opportunity to have a "few" glasses off the tap. Softer, fresher and livelier...not like a beer that has been forced to march to the store...
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    She is done... almost. The Pickupselector switch doesnt work. it doesn't do the click when it changes postitions. It just kinda hangs in there. Already ordered another one. I out in all the hardware that came with it. I will be changing out the knobs and maybe the pickup surroundings. Also later (exactly when this set of strings has gone bad) I'll exchange the plastic nut. I'm still debating with myself if I want to refret the neck with jumbos.
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