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    It's a chrome mirror vinyl decal. It's funny you mention that because I had one cut to inlay in the Orion. After a few practice attempts, I admitted defeat and ordered decals. DePaule did a fantastic job cutting it!
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    Wow, that sounds very mighty! An excellent results; the demo is great too. Don't sweat "not being a bassist". You covered all the bases (no joke intended) more than adequately. Really nicely done Simon.
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    Here is a sneak peak. I am giggling like a school girl. I have always loved this color.
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    Great job. Like Scott says, I also have never seen so much paint gloop ref the stripping
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    This thread is about the finish, but damn I like that guitar! I hope that after some polish (and clear coats?) she looks awsome.
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    Demanded? Disbanded? Destructed? Do-be-dooed?
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    Then I stuck a long straight edge and routed it to size. And sanded it all flat. There you go! Just 3 hours of hard work without a bandsaw and a jointer!
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    I should probably call this strange contraption 'The Iron Maiden':
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