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    Juggarnauts!!! Frets dressed/polished and pickups in (Bare Knuckle Pickups Juggarnaut set with Black Battleworn covers)... We should have this one finished tomorrow and photographed for the website gallery on Friday - I'll post some here too. I'm also waiting for the oil finish to dry overnight on the 7-string KM-II #2 build, so we should have both guitars complete before the weekend PS. Yes, the fleece blanket with lions all over it... If it's good enough for a baby's skin, it's good enough for protecting a brand new guitar finish!
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    Ok I figured out how to post pics again. any way Monday morning I finally got my ar to the range, I know there are better groupings but Im happy considering I was behind the trigger and cheap ammo. btw that's 100yards something like 91ish meters. so that's right at 1.25moa
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    So I carved the top to a cylidrical section. Radius is about the same as the scale length, 27". Readjusted the neck pocket depth and angle four times before satisfied. Now just to decide knob and jack placement. I like the volume knob right under the center of the bridge pickup, but for most people it stands in the way of strumming. On the last photo there is a pencil line of a planned back contour, but I guess it might be comfortable even without it.
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    Here's my polishing kit: micro mesh and an automotive buffer. SR