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    Absolutely loving this thread, in today's throw away world so good to see something get beautifully restored
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    In having downtime waiting to order some more tools, I'm starting this project as something of a test. It will be a hodgepodge, but the reason is that I don't want to ruin any expensive pieces of wood yet The idea started from a fondness for the Ibanez PGM, and wanting to have a guitar that was as playable as an RG, but with real semi hollow construction. I had some motivation too being a big fan of Languedoc guitars. I am in no way ready to even think about foraying into that realm of building though, so this will have to do. I started off by tracing my Ibanez RG170 for the shape, and getting it onto the computer. I played around with some of the lines to give it a twist and some ideas for contours. Mostly though, it's still like an RG. Here are some basic specs for the idea: - It will be neck through, semi hollow construction with a top and bottom. - Two humbuckers with coil splitting for each - 24 fret 27" scale I am guilty of having started some of the work, so I will be updating to where I'm currently at. I'm pretty green to building, so I will heed any pointers to the best of my ability! Thanks for looking.
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    I found them insanely easy. They went over the sealer coat on my '51, given a dust coat so that the solvent doesn't burn the ink out and then buried. Did you get any lines down the page from the printer's feed rollers? I did, but they don't affect the decals. The grain of the Maple shows through the gold, however I think that just makes it even better.
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    Scotch would be an excellent topic of discussion to add to the beer. Something called Monkey Shoulder is almost begging you to discover how bad it tastes. SR
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    I had my own blade made up to fit my radial arm saw. I went to my tool sharpeners who took a thin blade they had lying around about to be thrown out and ground it to the kerf width of the stewmac blade. It cost me about $10! It helps having a long standing relationship with them I suppose (and my father before me).
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    Over and out: And for @KnightroExpress 's benefit, some obligatory roxxorz: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/24052640/HM7 Test.mp3 Regarding the Fishmans, cleans were neck + bridge on voicing 1, distorted rhythm guitars were bridge pickup on voicing 2 and the various leads/melodies were either neck or bridge on voicing 1. Ended up redoing the nut. Despite the fact the strings were unlikley to pop out of the shallow slots I wasn't happy with the way it looked. In hindsight, if I'd planned it better I think I would have tried a zero fret with these string locks. Their proximity to the back of the nut makes fettling the nut slots quite time consuming, as you can't just slacken off the string and pop it off to one side to fine tune the slot with a file. Every time you have to tweak the slot depth the string has to come off altogether and then the string lock needs to be removed from the headstock to give you enough room to use a slotting file.
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