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    Went back after all this and painted flat black inside the humbucker cavities & bridge recess. Will have better pics later on but this is where we're at: I have a couple more things to do before I'm going to feel like it's "done" ... have to tame the wires a little bit inside so they are not as loose/visible from outside. Not totally visible in this picture but they are. That and, there is a couple of horrendously improperly seated frets... makes for some false and buzzy notes. I'm otherwise mostly happy with how it's playing at the moment but I would really like to fix this if I could. Is there any way of approaching this without going too crazy?
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    A few months back, my buddy Hook--@skullsessions--suggested to me that he and a couple of his bandmates might be interested in electric mandolins. I was working on Cody at the time, and while I was carving I mentally designed one. I figured I ought to build one first, to sort of get the taste of it before committing to anything. They had tiny teles in mind, but what I wanted to start with is more of a nod to the F-style. So I re-sawed a zebra wood plank I had leftover, badly, and glued it up. Then I sharpened up my trusty low angle plane and got to work making shavings. Cody had to come out and see what I was doing. Then I rough cut the body to shape and started prepping the gluing surface. I wonder if they make mando sized P-90s? SR
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    Just signed in- reading thru some build threads- wanted to show some love and was denied. Like buttons are missing.
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    This guitar will be a 25" scale, 22 fret twin humbucker build with standard LP controls (2 Vol, 2 Tone and a 3 way toggle). Reckon I'll go with push/pulls on both volumes for parallel and tap options. Fret board has been slotted and I've got the body well underway - and that's pretty much where I'm up to . Oh yeah......my name's Jon!
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    Finished up some things, & found out more things to do.. I applied some finish product - decided to order some Sutherland Welles stuff since I had used it for a customer's floor earlier this year and thought it was neat & easy to apply. They have a hard sealer that is sort of like a primer for the topcoat. Here's after some brushed coats - not sure which one this was, but I did 2 coats of the sealer & 3 of the top coat ("Uralkyd 500"). Then realized after waiting to put hardware on it that the bridge sat too high. Some rigmarole of pulling the post threads out... And reluctantly slapped another template on the thing (Here can also be seen that I attempted to string it up once without the top ferrules installed... taught string vs. cedar = )
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    Hi guys, has been a month since the last post... time flies. So I've completed the to-do list, except the electronics, which I'm currently waiting for. Apart from that, this is pretty much done. Sorry I didn't take any pictures of the process. Still have to setup this bloody hell tremolo bridge, but after a rough inspection, everything is in place and everything is like it should be. Have good feelings about it. So I already can start with the grain filling and preparing for finishing. See you in a month or so. By the way, the singlecut is already sounding, I just can't take decent pictures of it, but I'll try to solve it soon. Thanks for watching!
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    I have no idea why but I get excited like a kid when I get a haul of lumber in like that. I smiled when I saw that pic Mikro. The only sad part is when its gone after your project is done. while the competition is open to everyone- I agree- and I have a rule for myself- (vs not voting at all)- no build thread- no vote. I dont care if its a pro build- but no build thread- no vote. I will vote against it in that case. I have voted for some projects that while not the nicest looking or best built guitar- it had a build thread- and it was up against a pro build- and while the pro build BLEW it away- I voted for the scrapper because it had a build thread and the pro build didnt- and you got to see the scrapper builds warts and all- and the PG community was able to share in it vs seeing a nice pretty bad ass guitar with no build thread where no one learned anything from it. I think that is the essence of this community- sharing- right wrong or indifferent- and I wish this was around when I first started out. ramble over. 2 cents cashed in.
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    Alignment test: I started putting everything together on Monday so play two rehearsals on it (Tue and Thu) before the gig on Sat, and in the process I realized that some of the hardware that I was sure I had bought I in fact don't have. I knew I'm missing a tuner, but I'm also missing black strat knobs (I have a pair but they're some super-ugly old ones from somewhere), black jack plate (I have to borrow a chrome one waiting for a different strat), and [drum roll] the .008 string that was supposed to act as the high A string. And so at the moment I'm working with this contraption: its going to be amusing, playing it live. It freaks with me in so many ways ... since my fingers feel a 7-string neck they automatically think "attention! B string present!" and I have a tendency to shift all chord shapes down by one string.. on the other hand they feel the edge of the fingerboard at the treble side and expect a string to be there, so despite the A string being missing I also have a tendency to shift everything down one string at the treble side. And to top it off the fan makes me loose orientation anytime I need to suddenly make a jump to some position above the 12th fret. I guess I can't just keep it simple, can I ?
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    Wow. Very nice work, as usual. The finishes are spectacular! We've missed you around here Alessander. SR
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    Getting settled into the new garage, almost fully set up: I finished pressing the frets in and got to work trimming and dressing. I had made a fret wire bender that I think I got my measurements wrong on because some of the frets appear to be improperly seated. So maybe they are smaller than 20" radius? It also took me about halfway through the neck to get the hang of pressing it in straight without popping sideways out of the caul. There is room for lots of learning here for me.
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