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    POW! from Highland Brewing in Asheville, NC> Triple IPA, limited release, 10.5% ABV. The alcohol is well hidden- this is very smooth- Simcoe Lupulin Powder- it has that west coast type malty/piney bitter backbone- but this is probably the smoothest Highland I have tried. Not your fathers mountain ale-from Small Town Brewery- out of Illinios- a fruit//vegatable beer by definition- 5% abv- this tasted like mountain dew with a kick. My daughter bought it to try it- so I grabbed the bottle, poured some and tried it myself. Pretty rank stuff an elf from out west sent me some nice goodies this past week- this little tid bit was very nice indeed- ODell out of Colorado Myrcenary Double IPA. 9.3% very smooth, fruity and just dern delicious.
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    Who are you people? Is this a bad dream I'm having?
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    Amen, I was going to point out those as well. I also love the body carves and that bridge surround you made. Lovely work and you need to come around a bit more often, Alessander. We love seeing your work! SR
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    I know SR disagrees with me here, but sanding is the one thing about working with wood I can't stand... Unless I'm using the sandpaper as a shaping tool. Have you thought about shaping a little cone on a drill and wrapping some self adhesive sandpaper on it? All progress is worth showing
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    Kill drak good to see y'all back. Mike not so good to see y'all back. I hope that trick keeps working I occasionally have problems and I know it's miserable I feel for you.
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    Little late for this but: Conical Sanding Drums Wish you luck with fixing that finish... Looks beautiful!
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    Yep. Fuckers. I'm too lazy at this point to upload everything to Imgur. I was searching for info on a Floyd install, saw a good link, clicked on it, and it brought me here. To my Own (old) post. Hilarious. Like I reached back in time and grabbed myself.
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    I was researching something on a Floyd installation on Google just now. As it's been years since I did one. And there was a link that looked informative, so I clicked on it. It happened that it was one of my own posts here . So I logged in for the helluvit and saw a notification or two. Hiya Guys!
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    Definitely... And after years of doing this, when most businesses find they need to "expand" premises, etc to progress, I'm actually making some of my best (favourite) work now without having to go through (or think about) all that so it can't be too bad. I'm happy and so are those who own my guitars
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    Before I break out any new beers, I need to catch up the new beers of the last month. First up, Lagunitas Imperial Stout. Robust coffee and dark chocolate and very tasty! Then Firestone Walker Leo Versus Ursus, next up in the series--Adversity. This was a somewhat tropical double that was a little bit crisp and a light malt and a quite decent flavor. I almost bought some more yesterday, but it only had a week left on its best by date. Next was a Texas brew, that tasted like most Texas brews, Chupahopra. Very drinkable, not especially memorable. From the always good Founders, Redankulous Imperial Red IPA. Lots of dank flavor here, this one is big and memorable. And from Tallgrass Brewing Company in Kansas, Buffalo Sweat oatmeal cream stout. Very smooth and tasty, good coffee and dark chocolate and only barely sweet. Very good stuff. SR
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