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    They are finished! Don't know about you guys, but I like so much the final result, more pics is comming ...
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    Difficult to say. The demonstration by The Wood Whisperer (Marc Spagnuolo) is using a tinned shellac by Zinsser:
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    It does, doesn't it? This week we discovered all of the dirty secrets that our former employee left us. Like a spray gun jammed up with catalysed paint. And another one jammed full of water-based paint. Then six months worth of work where we suspect that he'd been using up to ten times the manufacturer's recommendation for acid catalyst. Shit happens. It really shouldn't though.
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    Wow, agreed on all counts. That's a very novel use of the Hannes bridge also! Only one entry got GOTM though! haha
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    Beautiful!! I adore the body finish which to me looks like some dark old furniture, with the super-modern specs - 7 strings, multiscale etc. Plus all the little touches like the unusual carve etc. Truly awesome!
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    Yeah. Ruger rules. Nothing else has that level of quality at that price.
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    absolutely bloody gorgeous. I dunno which I like more, silver or gold hardware, both look great on that dark wood. And that shape is such a cool fusion of classic and modern. Hats off to you Osorio, you've played a blinder
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    So my latest home project has been installing dimmers on the lights and replacing the bulbs with 100w equivalent LEDs. I'm really liking the effect I got the dimmers that look like normal switches except they have a slider beside the toggle. I can turn them down at night when watching TV or leave them halfway up for a more normal lighing and then crank then when I need to see anything, but I try not to do that because it causes more work you know dusting and vacuuming.
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    Nicely described Mike. I see a lot of people using Raspberry Pi's (I have a couple) and other powerful development boards as the basis for CNC controllers. That approach appeals to me since the board works solely on that one function, whereas lack PC CNC operators browse the Internet for "entertainment purposes" during long cycles and then wonder why the machine gips or drops a bollock.