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    Here's a video I did some time ago about a guitar I built for my daughter's 7th birthday. Initially I didn't post it here since I figured this is not really the target audience, but then maybe somebody will find parts interesting or amusing. Also I watched @sdshirtman 's videos and figured why not (BTW where is part 6 of the Helix build??! ) So just a word of introduction: I tried to film every part of the build process. Some parts are missing, mostly tedious jobs like sanding etc, also I think I lost a clip or two - but in total this was something like 9h of video material that I compressed into 13 episodes of around 10-15 minutes each (mostly by speeding up the footage). There is a lot of narration because the aim was for the video to accompany the guitars, i.e. I'm explaining the build process in a way that someone with no idea about guitar building could understand. Possibly even a 7-year-old. Also (as I keep stating in the video), this is not a how-to, it's more of a "proof that you can build a guitar in the kitchen" video. I'm probably doing some silly things here or there, but the end result is perfectly fine. Oh, and it's all in Polish - but I subtitled the whole thing in English. Anyway, here's the playlist with all episodes:
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    Yeah, wiring was the last thing I got sorted too. And it may be sorted because my tastes have shifted to simpler controls. My first build had the most options of all, but I learned that I rarely use anything besides the pickup selector switch and the volume knob. SR
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    I do too. Was it a good learning experience? SR
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    note to self - when changing standard templates, double check routing depths........matched the grain well I think, we'll see. I could repeat the textured gold top thing I did on Yamaha if it's too visible. Still some routing to do in the cavity once this has been taken care of. On the brighter side, broke off the feathery crack cleanly, and reglued. 36 by Goran P, on Flickr
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    I suspect that this subject would be of interest to @ScottR and @Andyjr1515 also....
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    They are finished! Don't know about you guys, but I like so much the final result, more pics is comming ...
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    Finished: Custom 8-string KR3 - Buckeye Burl top on Swamp Ash body (wings), Wenge/Maple 3-piece thru-neck, Marblewood fretboard, ABM 3210s, Hipshot Grip-lock, BKP Painkiller (custom 16 degree baseplate) w/ aged cream coils...