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Entry for November 2018's Guitar Of The Month is now open!


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    One day very soon GOTM locks tomorrow, so it will be in the December one - guaranteed!
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    One day we're going to see the whole guitar instead of just little glimpses of it.
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    Hope all is well with you. Ive been incredibly busy with my new job and other life stuff. Some good, some difficult. I usually only have a few hours of free time on my days off. But just thought i'd share the couple of things ive done on my days off the past couple months.
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    Yep, I understand. I was being facetious (hence the winky-smiley face at the end of my comment). Maybe I should've said 'if you gave a drummer a guitar painted in an opaque...' I reckon there just wasn't enough mojo in your banjo. Or maybe not enough beer at rehearsal...or too much, even?
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    Happy Thanksgiving. I found this place online(elkusa) to buy different meats because I'm really tired of briskets and turkeys...so for Christmas I'll be cooking either an Elk roast or a Bear roast. I ordered a few of both so I could try them and see which my Mom might like better. I did run the idea past her and she's up for it.
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    No worries! I should have figured you made them, but now I know to look for L aluminium profiles to help me on my way. Loving what you did with the Hannes too - great solution to make it multiscale.