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    It's stretched the patience, understanding and tolerance of MrsAndyjr1515 to the limit, but I've worked like a Trojan to try to get this finished to be able to enter this month's "Guitar of the Month" . Now, having seen the quality of the competition, it was probably very misguided effort So a quick visual catch-up: The pre-wired, plug-in, very slick, very expensive, Schaller flagShip piezo/mag preamp mixer comes with components clearly well thought out by a world leading manufacturer and supplier of guitar components: That three way rotary with the sealed, stiff, boot sending the large, stiff cable vertically is clearly waiting for the introduction of the new ranges of 6" thick guitars that the worlds top guitar makers are bound to be bringing in soon.... Look, I love Schaller. I really do. But fellas...really? You are better than this... On that subject - which knob is the flagship Schaller one and which one is a cheap and cheerful Harley Benton offering? The nicely coated, knurled, solid brass, standard 6mm shaft, grubscrew fitted one, or the cheap, small. plastic, push-on, 3mm non standard one? Now....I love Schaller. But fellas? Really? Anyway, I cannibalised a dremel fitment and made myself a converter: And, having proved that these piezo accumulators as STILL not fit for purpose (the Hannes piezo bridge (again - this is a VERY expensive piece of equipment) I believe uses Graphtech piezo saddles. Having had multiple failures in the past years with their accumulators, I had hoped that they may have improved them. It failed. No....but I really do love Schaller... But fellas? This is plain shoddy.... Hang the warranty - I snipped the connectors off and soldered the reds together and the blacks together and fitted them directly into the screw connectors on the preamp unit. Note also the warranty breaking removal of the three way rotary boot. And - suddenly - it was finished! All it needs now...is your votes
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    Here's a video I did some time ago about a guitar I built for my daughter's 7th birthday. Initially I didn't post it here since I figured this is not really the target audience, but then maybe somebody will find parts interesting or amusing. Also I watched @sdshirtman 's videos and figured why not (BTW where is part 6 of the Helix build??! ) So just a word of introduction: I tried to film every part of the build process. Some parts are missing, mostly tedious jobs like sanding etc, also I think I lost a clip or two - but in total this was something like 9h of video material that I compressed into 13 episodes of around 10-15 minutes each (mostly by speeding up the footage). There is a lot of narration because the aim was for the video to accompany the guitars, i.e. I'm explaining the build process in a way that someone with no idea about guitar building could understand. Possibly even a 7-year-old. Also (as I keep stating in the video), this is not a how-to, it's more of a "proof that you can build a guitar in the kitchen" video. I'm probably doing some silly things here or there, but the end result is perfectly fine. Oh, and it's all in Polish - but I subtitled the whole thing in English. Anyway, here's the playlist with all episodes:
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    Hope all is well with you. Ive been incredibly busy with my new job and other life stuff. Some good, some difficult. I usually only have a few hours of free time on my days off. But just thought i'd share the couple of things ive done on my days off the past couple months.
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    I've had some time on this recently and we finally seem to be there bar a few minor fettling issues. I've fixed the chips in the lacquer, polished up the frets and assembled it. Last night I finished and fitted the nut, cut the slots and strung it up for the first time. There were a couple of things that still could have been wrong. The neck alignment... ... which is fine, and the clearance on the E string from nut to tuner... ... also ok despite the long ramp So to finish off I need to sort the neck pickup out - it dropped off one of the adjustment screws, adjust the bridge as some of the grub screws are rattling, and take up the slack in the truss rod - I'm hoping that settles to have a little more relief. Anyway it was good enough to have a bit of a thrash last night Sexy pics and GOTM entry to follow soon!