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    It's stretched the patience, understanding and tolerance of MrsAndyjr1515 to the limit, but I've worked like a Trojan to try to get this finished to be able to enter this month's "Guitar of the Month" . Now, having seen the quality of the competition, it was probably very misguided effort So a quick visual catch-up: The pre-wired, plug-in, very slick, very expensive, Schaller flagShip piezo/mag preamp mixer comes with components clearly well thought out by a world leading manufacturer and supplier of guitar components: That three way rotary with the sealed, stiff, boot sending the large, stiff cable vertically is clearly waiting for the introduction of the new ranges of 6" thick guitars that the worlds top guitar makers are bound to be bringing in soon.... Look, I love Schaller. I really do. But fellas...really? You are better than this... On that subject - which knob is the flagship Schaller one and which one is a cheap and cheerful Harley Benton offering? The nicely coated, knurled, solid brass, standard 6mm shaft, grubscrew fitted one, or the cheap, small. plastic, push-on, 3mm non standard one? Now....I love Schaller. But fellas? Really? Anyway, I cannibalised a dremel fitment and made myself a converter: And, having proved that these piezo accumulators as STILL not fit for purpose (the Hannes piezo bridge (again - this is a VERY expensive piece of equipment) I believe uses Graphtech piezo saddles. Having had multiple failures in the past years with their accumulators, I had hoped that they may have improved them. It failed. No....but I really do love Schaller... But fellas? This is plain shoddy.... Hang the warranty - I snipped the connectors off and soldered the reds together and the blacks together and fitted them directly into the screw connectors on the preamp unit. Note also the warranty breaking removal of the three way rotary boot. And - suddenly - it was finished! All it needs now...is your votes
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    Mercy, mercy, mercy-lawd have mercy but that is stupendously gorgeouristical. I just looked wood porn in the dictionary and all that was there was a picture of this guitar. Masterful work Andy! Peering inside the control cavity is like having a look under a racing car's hood...bonnet to you, I suppose. I don't imagine anything was very sudden about that. SR
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    Nice work, Andy, despite the last minute hurdles. It's a shame about the design flaws in the Schaller electronics. They've probably thought they'd done the right thing by making everything plug-and-playable for those people who aren't so good with a soldering iron, but in doing so they've come up with a system that isn't fit for purpose in the real world. If I'm using EMGs on a build I'll throw away anything with their quick connectors (except for the pickups) and hard solder everything else.
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    Phew! I've just snuck mine into the closing hours of November's....definitely don't want to pitch up against this beauty - I've seen it in real life!!!!!
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    Ooh - that's better! £40 from eBay and well worth it. Lovely steady light and much brighter than the fluorescent it replaced