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    All right, this time the clearcoat polished up fine. I didn't fully level it with wetsanding except a few places, didn't want to push my luck (and I didn't put a whole lot on), instead I reduced orange peel a bit just by buffing, the end result is pretty good. I even managed to get the insides of the cutaways nearly perfect after a session with the micromesh sanding pads. I've put all the hardware on so now it's just the remaining bit of setup work. I think I'll need to file the bridge saddles down a little, my neck angle (and fb thickness) ended up a little on the low side and I can't get the action as low as it should be on the treble side. Actually everything is low profile, the pickups are sitting almost flush with the pickguard.. I need to watch this more carefully in the future.
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    Pretty much the same species here, i can't stand water moccasins or copper heads. Any thing that smells as bad as a water moccasin needs killing and copper heads are assholes, we have timber Rattlers but your not supposed to kill them.
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    Actually this one was just under some tin I had stacked up. Rat snake is all it was. In my area we have rat snakes, chicken snakes,king snakes,water moccasins, copperheads,coral snakes,grass snakes, and the occasional rattlesnake. MOSTLY on my place all you see are rat snakes,chicken snakes,and copperheads. I kill everything except grass snakes and king snakes,because those won't go in the house and neither one really cares for chicken eggs. My neighbors all have chickens, and my Mom and Grandparents did as well,so you get in the habit of killing anything that eats eggs. And anything poisonous of course. I even killed a Coral snake once,but those are rare.
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    I hope everyone had a great T DAY? I did go to Austin and visit with my grandkids mk
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    Amazing Job! This top is incredible!
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    For having been good's day, I have no relax, all the day chisels and gouges in hand but the result is quite good. Fisrt of all I used a 12.7 mm radious bit in the router table for removing the extra of material and to act as a guide with the gouges. I enjoyed very much doing this work. I put some pics of the process:
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    Finalized the carving and started the sanding. Hunting for bumps right now, but it's not bad at all. Did I mention I love scrapers ? 1-IMG_20171118_173409 by Goran P, on Flickr 2-IMG_20171118_173420 by Goran P, on Flickr