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    No need to stress over the decision. Go with whichever way you feel is right and within your capabilities.
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    And especially for @Mr Natural ...
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    Twas a rotten day, but rain is coming ... The strap is a gift from my ohana daughter especially for this guitar. A little gaudy, but works well, IMHO . Recap: White Limba body, Paduak neck, Wenge fretboard, Padauk garnish everywhere. 628~648mm (approximately 24-3/4"~25.5") multiscale, TV Jones Filter'Tron Classic Plus single pickup, mixed Black/Chrome Hipshot hardware, 45 degree string-through, and .... snow-capped Mt. Fuji headstock .
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    I started levelling the house today. Oof, that's some hard work. Started off just jacking up the support beams, but soon found the exterior beams are too soft and need to be replaced, so I ended up cutting holes in the floor and installing jacks under the floor joists. Once I get a section level and supported I'll replace the 2 parallel 2x10s with a single run of these creosote soaked railroad ties I have just lying around. It will he vastly superior in strength and at the same time inedible for bugs. Of course I have no pictures, but I haven't even got one side level yet.
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    so- Thanksgiving Holiday got in the way of progress here. I also changed my mind on my original idea regarding electronics and such. I have finalized on the following Fender style trem vs the bigsby I was going to use for this. I am saving the bigsby for another project, I was originally going to go with 2 P-90s but I want some balls in the bridge - but I didnt want to give up on the p-90 either- so- compromised and going to use a Seymour Duncan P-rails in the bridge, and I was going to use a mini DPDT on/off/on switch to go between the p-90, the rail and then humbucker (series)mode-(I did this with a lap steel I built a few years back) but I notice Duncan has come out with these Triple Shot humbucker rings with switches in them that allow for the p-90/rails/and humbucker in both series and parallel modes. Think I will give that a shot and have one less switch on the face of the guitar. I am doing a test on the headstock. It appears that teisco guitars did not have a headstock angle. they also appear to not have string anchors-so- I am wondering how "deep" the face of the headstock has to be to get enough pressure over the nut so not to cause any issues. In other words folks- i havent completely finished the "plan" for the neck- and should before I continue. progress pics forthcoming
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    I am catching up on updates here- missed a few last weekend-I got a kick ass recommendation from @ScottR a week or so ago- Lagunitas BornYesterday Pale ale- very glad Scott recommended and very glad I bought and consumed it nice and hoppy, juicy and good stuff. I got this one particularly ice cold- so much so it was almost a frozen slushy. Still kick ass. My nephew who was born in/lives in Germany came over with some of his fellow university students and competed in a Bio/engineering competition at MIT this month. he was nice enough to bring uncle Natch some nice goodies from Trillium Brewery in Boston. First up, Meltcher Street IPA. Extremely smooth, the taste is "tight" its not in your face, its juicy, but not overly so, its just good and smooth and tight. Dont know how else to explain it folks. Mosaic and columbus hops at their finest. This stuff rocks. 7.3% ABV- getting into almost Double IPA territory there. And Trillium's double ipa Mettle- this grapefruit juice looking concoction comes in at 8.4% ABV, smooth as a baby's ass, Amarillo, Citra and Columbus hops, this stuff rocks too. Nothing but praise for this Trillium stuff- gotta get my hands on some more. Their Congress Street IPA is supposedly the schnizzle- but unfortunately it was only available on draft when my nephew was there.
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    Hey Woden. Not a problem, good to hear that others are benefitting, not only from my posts but also this alternative fret layout. Good luck with the build