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    It's more of an attempt to eat healthy than it is about animal hugging.
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    Yeah, but I think I also mentioned that holidays are open for eating anything.
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    Didn't I hear a comment from you regarding vegetarians? Cheers Mike! Good to see you! SR
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    I didn't do a damn thing today except sit on my couch and play my Xbox. Good thing I got that side finished yesterday. Tomorrow I have to stay close to the door because all my fancy bear/elk meat is supposed to arrive and it will need instant refrigeration.
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    Last night I finished cleaning up the edges of the board using my trusty 80 grit sanding beam, followed by my 180 grit beam. I'm doing a fair bit of sanding on the ebony having got a few chips on the few times I've waved a plane at it. It takes a bit longer but at less risk. I then had to file down the top of the truss rod washer as it was sitting a little proud. There's a thing I should have paid more attention to before gluing in the fillet Finally to round off the evening I made the vertical cut in the headstock plate. The nut will nestle up against it, so it needed to be nice and square. I clamped my set square in place to give me a guide, scored with an xacto-knife, then set about it with one of the nice new Japanese pull saws that my class have bought. I've not used one before, but it was a real joy to use and lovely & accurate I cut most of the way through the ebony until I could see the mahogany at the edges of the cut, then chipped off the ouffcut with a chisel. Otherwise I'd have been sawing down into the mahogany before the centre of the cut was through. Anyway a chisel carefully applied to the end grain chipped it away no problem - it's what ebony wants to do A little tidying with a cabinet scraper to remove the old Titebond squeeze out that was remaining, and the job's a good 'un