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    Wax usually comes in a few different shades. I reckon wax labelled as 'clear' should allow the natural colour of the wenge to remain without getting too murky. I've got a tin of Liberon Black Bison clear wax that worked really well on some bandsaw boxes I made as Christmas presents. The darkening effect is less intense than wetting the timber with water.
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    So I was looking at recliners yesterday on Amazon and I came across this. I don't know about the chair, but DAYUM! She falls asleep like that in my house I'm getting the rope. (Soft rope though, I'm not a savage.)
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    It's pretty likely that wax will have more or less the same effect as oil. What about the raw PolyX oil that @Andyjr1515 had success with? Maybe the matte or satin will provide better sealing than raw, but with Wengé it's not really necessary. Wipe on, wait a few minutes then buff right off.