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    OK - back on a proper keyboard! Back to Polyx if @Pariahrob is happy with the continued derailment There are the various gloss levels, including: 3065 half-matt; 3032 satin; 3011 full gloss and then there is the specialist 3044 RAW which is the one that has the whitener in. The others mentioned don't have any whiteners although they are all less tinted than Tru-oil. I found that all of them can be used in a 'slurry and buff' method and act as a same-colour grain fill in the same way that tru-oil can. They need an overnight drying period, so a bit longer than Tru-oil, but after fully drying over a week, they finish MUCH tougher than Tru-oil. For the Psilos, the 3044 RAW was perfect. Here's Tru-oil: And here's 3044 RAW: The ebony, being very tight grained was fine, provided I wiped ALL of it off and just left a wetted surface: The finish was pretty close to the 'standard' 3032 Satin. For the walnut and sapele re-body of the Fender Rascal, I tried the 3044 RAW on a darker wood - not what it was designed for but because the owner wanted to reduce the darkening of the walnut. This was Tru-oil: And this was 3044 RAW: You see the difference most on the upper horn. Although there are two different backgrounds, they were both taken with similar light and camera settings. So - success with this. The back sapele wasn't so good because the whitener pooled in the grain and left a slight milky look - similar to the very early acrylic varnishes: I finally finished this off with 3032 Satin after just a single application of the 3044 RAW and you can see how it's lessened the effect of the whitener a touch. But what a finish. Silky, silky smooth to the touch and tough as old boots. So if I was using Polyx on a wenge neck, @Pariahrob , I would personally use the 3032 satin, I would slurry and wipe the first couple of coats to fill some of the excessive pores in the wenge and then slurry and buff with 1000 grit with the polyx, then finish with wipe on /wipe off a couple to three coats to finish. Left a couple of weeks to fully harden, it will be able to be polished up with Meguiars Ultimate Compound (acts like a very very mild t-cut) and you will have a satin neck that is a joy to play and will keep that shredding sweat out of the wood
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    Hi, Rob In the UK, Wood Finishes Direct sell the complete range in 125ml tins making it pretty cheap to experiment (125ml is more than enough). There was a time when this was only available in large quantities.
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    I was just labelled "1001% asshole" by one of those Facebook profile things. Feeling pretty good about it.