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    Bevel. It's a pretty radical design and not really derivative of the usual suspects. In this instance, in my mind it makes sense to leave the traditional Strat forearm contour on a Strat. Edit: too late for the party, once again
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    Definitely not. It's impossible to get a smooth enough edge that a router bearing can ride on without lots of work stabilising it with CA, etc. It's not worth the poor end result, and a real false economy.
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    I like the idea of a bevel, it seems like that would provide you with a platform for interesting finish variations if you made multiples. I am really digging the contour of the long horn as well.
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    From your drawing I had pictured it as a concave bevel - which I think would look good. Not sure about a forearm contour - like a strat do you mean?
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    TBH, my comment was rather tongue-in-cheek
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    Always good to have overhead even if you don't need it.
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    The clamps came off last weekend and I assembled the blanks, after a little sanding: Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr Back: Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr All of the wood stock ready for cutting: Untitled by S K, on Flickr The join is much tighter and cleaner than I was expecting. Last weekend was also made interesting by my bench planer. It was starting to smell funny, kept cutting out, and the knives were slightly high at one end. I spent the weekend stripping it apart, so I could drill the knife retention bolts out and adjust everything - the hex heads were shafted. It turns out the motor brushes were also in a pretty bad state; one was just worn, but the other had snapped off and melted somewhere. Hence the lovely smell! I bought one of these a couple of weeks back too: The plan is to use it for lighter routing tasks, because my 2kW Trend can be overkill.