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    Seriously though, I'm thinking solid burst on this. Fresh canvas and something I've not done in a while
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    Success! Got over the first hurdle.
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    That's a really nice casting, it really is. I've considered backyard casting brass into rough blanks for machining bridges, however I know that they tend to attract a lot of inclusions which isn't satisfactory. They'd need a lot of hammering to consolidate.
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    Here is a bronze I did a couple years back. That process really made me want to explore the idea of utilitarian fine art. These are the same colors I am aiming for on my guitar body:
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    Is this mould to make sacrificial positives of the body to be used in the lost wax casting process for bronze? This is very thorough and nice see being done properly. At least, "properly" as in heading in the right direction! Fantastic, and always good to see somebody raising their targets.
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    Thank you all! I don't use a thumb much at all for fretting, perhaps a F# when playing a Keith Richards-like D chord, so I don't immediately think of it. I'll probably tweak it some more, and perhaps make one during the summer. I think I have most of the parts needed already. Managed to drill the wire holes nicely for both pickups, trough the 12mm hole drilled for the jack. Ground hole from the spring claw was easy then. Exit points nice and where intended Also, finally got around to routing the ledge. I drew the shape, scored it with a marking knife and used a Dremel in the routing jig with a straight 3mm bit. Some sanding to do to clean it all up. 152 by Goran P, on Flickr 153 by Goran P, on Flickr Then I made the body of the claw - brass stock, 20x10mm. The cavity is 10mm deep so it should sit flush. Still some drilling to do. When I buy some larger stock I'll attempt the trem block too. 154 by Goran P, on Flickr 155 by Goran P, on Flickr 156 by Goran P, on Flickr 157 by Goran P, on Flickr And a nut cut, just for a pic for now. I've cut that one before, synthetic, but I'll cut a cow bone one too. 158 by Goran P, on Flickr
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    A wide bevel will look ace across the forearm area! I know I'm super late to the party here. Will the body be laminated vertically? The way that's done on Kiesel and other builds is stunning. PS. Have you considered getting it laser cut into acrylic? I had it done for one of my builds ages ago; it wasn't actually as expensive as I expected and the templates saved me a lot of pain; I think the massive set was £55 ish, and I recently had a quote for ~£30 for another.
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    I have to admit that I don't quite understand the process behind this build, but I'm fascinated all the same. It's always cool to see something unconventional emerging.
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    Doing things a bit differently this time and drawing everything on the computer. Will print This our, glue it to mdf or acrylic then cut templates. So far I have three drawings done. A neck, body outline and this for cavities etc.
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    Is that burl mappa? That is a wicked looking piece. It will almost be a shame to put hardware on it. SR
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    wow, good luck with marketing this stuff man, this is really something new! The fingerboards are a bit much for my taste but the body tops are fantastic, and I especially like the acoustic bridges @ other stuff that you can cut out of this.