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    D'Oh! I'll know for next time! looks like the exit holes all line up with the respective string holes on the bridge plate, agreed, the holes for the wound strings may need to be enlarged a bit. As soon as the damn ferrules are delivered, I'll try to use one as a guide and hope that it does in fact wander into the existing hole somewhere in the middle of the body as you say...knock on wood!
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    Someday. Remember General Greivous? That's my dream. I mean the cyborg part, not the stupid Lucas dialogue part.
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    I've forgotten which part number it is now. The tape that StewMac sell is also available from G&W, albeit in a larger and wider roll for less money (as I recall). RS Components in the UK have a variety of different 3M products with different adhesion strengths and film thicknesses. I think I can work it out again. Let me have a look.... I think it's 3M's 9088 tape: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/double-sided-plastic-tapes/5034890/ Tesa also make a similar product: https://uk.rs-online.com/web/p/double-sided-plastic-tapes/4362835/ I'm a curmudgeonly old bastard now, and not one for taking expensive risks over the sake of pennies. Film tapes work admirably, and are a single product with known working properties. Made for the end purpose. If we used DST more at my workplace (we use toggle clamps for shaping templates) a product that is designed for the job would be the only choice. Painter's tapes are low adhesion, and the substrate itself has built-in stretch. 3M DST has around five times the adhesive strength. So much so, that I find using a few small squares at the extremities of routing templates is more than sufficient, and extremely economical. I'm all for "tricks" (although I wouldn't use cheap words such as "trick" and "hack") however consistency and reliability take pole position for me every time.
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    I've used the Fluence pickup set in the past, but opted for a regular 9V battery compartment as I wasn't entirely sold on fitting a proprietary lithium battery pack to the guitar - what happens when the battery finally reaches the end of its life and will not hold a charge? Will I be able to get a replacement pack? The T4M hardware is really good quality stuff; I reckon you'll be pleased when they turn up. Be aware that the single bridge sitting on its associated baseplate makes for quite a tall tailpiece assembly. I'd recommend recessing the saddles into the body of the guitar and/or being prepared to add an angle to the neck, otherwise you'll struggle to get the action low enough. There's a couple of quirks to stringing them up too, but otherwise they're one of the best headless tuners out there.
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    Hope the surgery helps, Mike. I really hate how so many of us guys get lifelong back problems from work, then our politicians talk about how Americans don't work enough. My body is rejecting my drinking apparently. It no longer tastes good or feels good... this is exactly the reason I can't get addicted to stuff like a normal person. My body just says "Nope. Don't like that anymore." So I suppose I'll give it a bit of a break. Summer is coming up anyway and I need to get back into a shape that's less round in the middle. Interesting thing,Mike. My buddy was over and I was showing him that back stretcher so of course he had to try it. I'm sitting there the whole time telling him "Dude, your jacking it up too much. You're going to hurt yourself." "naw man, it feels good." Next day he texted me "Dude, that thing really fucked my back up." I was like "I told you, fucker. "
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    Today's work was finishing this fretboard inlay.
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    I'm finally getting around to posting some of the new stuff I've tried over the last few months. Looking over my pictures, I have become embarrassingly complacent in my documentation. Oh well, here is what I did keep track of. Back in November Lagunitas came out with this (that) year's version of Born Yesterday Pale Ale. Pale ale my ass--the hops in this stuff grabs you by the nose as soon as you open the bottle and tastes better than it smells. Damn good stuff! From local brewery, 8th Wonder, Rocket Fuel, a rather low test Vietnamese coffee porter that carries off that taste quite well. From Jester King in Austin, Commercial Suicide, farmhouse mild. Jester King gets a lot of accolades, so I decided to try one. The specialize in farmhouse ales and wild yeast and fruit additives....none of which I particularly care for, but I wanted to at least see what they are talking about. It comes in a big bottle and the first glass wasn't too bad--mildly tart, mildly tasty. Second glass not quite as good and the third went down the drain. Looks like this will be a one glass only if ever beer for me. Burial's Griddle Imperial Espresso Stout. Delicious coffee aroma fills the room with the popping of the tab. May be the best stout I've ever had. Founders Sumatra Mountain Imperial brown ale brewed with Sumatra coffee....which is my favorite coffee these days. Good stuff. Hopitoulas from NOLA brewery. I had this a couple blocks away from the brewery the last time I was in New Orleans. Good, but not as good as I remembered. Perhaps the surroundings played a bit in that. It seemed maltier in my back yard. From Athens, Creature Comforts Duende. Absolutely delicious DIPA. Everything I have been fortunate enough to try from this brewery, has been great. This is fruity, citrus laden and aromatic. Dust Bunny Hazy IPA from Monday Night in Atlanta. More citrus fruity pungent goodness. House Brew coffee stout out of Kansas City. Good solid stout, nice coffee notes, nothing to go out of your way for. Creature Comforts Get Comfortable IPA. Also delicious. Juicy citrus with a nice tang at the end. Bells Expedition Russian Imperial Stout. This stuff is jet black and thick and slick. Good stuff....but not my favorite. I'd prefer to exchange the dark fruit for coffee. Perhaps the "sipping whiskey" of stouts. From Austin, Buckethead IPA. Though it does not make the claim, this is a big ol' double at 8.9% abv. I liked it. It reminded me of Founders Centennial with more alcohol. There are a lot of holes in this accounting. Mayhap I should revisit some just for documentary accuracy. SR
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    Well this took a while. The full demo of this guitar is now up:
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    aaand the journey is now complete. Mirroring the GOTM entry, here's a collection of "finished" photographs. Well actually more, since I have no 8-photo limit here Front shot: The back, featuring the swirl to no-swirl seamless body-to-neck transition Back of the neck with the maple-purpleheart accent insert Some more closeups and assorted shots: I still have to learn the guitar, there's plenty of fantastic tones to be pulled from this switching system, plus I need to teach my fingers to play with an extra high A string, which messes with my muscle memory all the time. So it forces a more concious playing, which if good in the end. When I spend some more time with her and have a quiet moment I'll do a thorough walk-through video, meanwhile here's a quickie just for you guys: