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    So I've posted a couple build threads that were a bit shy on details of my actual process and contained mostly photo's of where its at at difference stages, and were posted in one big lump after the build was actually complete. Nice to look at, but not very helpful to folks trying to possibly learn something. In this thread thread I'll be posting as the build progresses and I'll attempt to describe in greater detail the actual work and how I'm doing various things. Probably nothing new to most of you, but you never know where you might pick up some little tidbit that makes your life a little easier... I've only done one actual bit of this build so far so I'll add pictures of that, but the actual work wont begin until mid-to-late March as I have another build i'm wrapping up over the next few weeks. I figured I'd get a start on this build thread today though, and I'll pick it up in March once I proceed. So, you will recall the build I did as a memorial for my son. That model I call the "24 Magnum" that model began life as a 22 fret version and I re-imagined it to a 24 fret, 25.5" scale axe. Like before it'll have all my favorite features, and some changes in specs a bit different from the 24 fret model: Neck-through-body 3-piece laminate neck carbon fiber reinforcement in the neck 22 Stainless steel frets 25" scale length 12" fretboard radius Tonepros TOM bridge and stop tailpiece Grover locking rotomatic tuners unbleached bone nut Seymour duncan pickups (JB and Jazz) One volume, one tone, 5-position super switch Bookmatched, quilted maple top faux binding Macasser Ebony fretboard White MOP bird inlays "Addict" inlayed TR cover This will be finished in nitro with a tiger eye finish and a slight burst, and matching quilted headstock overlay. So, the design looks pretty boring as a 2D line drawing, but this is it. It will have the same top carve I put on the Phoenix 24 Magnum. I also added a slight bit of roundness to the bottom end of the guitar. The 24 Magnum was flatter... This is an example of the finish I hope to achieve... This is the quilted maple billet I purchased for the build. As you have no doubt guessed, I have an almost pathological love for transparent finishes over figured maple. To date I have not done a single opaque finish. The one bit of work I've done thus far (other than plan the build and make some templates) is to re-saw and join the top, so this is where I am in the build at this point More to come in March
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    Huh. I'd swear that shit fossilizes on the hood of my truck in less than a week. SR
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    What the fuck are you talking about Carl? I have nothing to say about Duck shit ?????? Obviously I missed something here? mk
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    i have wood for your wood. (cheesy wood porn joke attempt) cant wait to see this.
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    One of these is supposed to be a trilobyte. I'm sure you can see which one. Thing is, this might be any sort of fossilized dung. Might just be opossum or bear.
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    I got my nine year old nephew coprolite for his birthday. Now he can tell everyone that I give the crappiest gifts.
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    Thanks again, very much appreciated No worries, just thought I'd mention it before I spray alternative colour tomorrow.
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    A few construction pictures: rib bending, back bracing, rib construction, top bracing and attaching to ribs, hand carved neck and pour filling before finish.
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    Thanks Unfortunately not pink this time. I was thinking solid black to white burst. I'll take that as a compliment(s), thanks dude. Sorry about the Pinky though. Hey, if you got no issues with a 3 and a half piece body instead of 2 piece, I'd be willing to spray it pink for the right, yet reasonable price. PM me but quick as I'd planned to spray the top coat Friday
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    Cool, found a digital micrometer locally, ordered a set of collars with set screw from Amazon... work in progress, thanks!
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    So at this point, with the body and neck built, thats 99% of the work. The rest is hooking stuff up and seeing how she plays, which I've done and heres some pix of where its at today. I'm super happy with the outcome. This will get finished in a traditional tobacco burst once it warms up enough to shoot, but of course I wasnt gonna wait that long to play it! I'm super happy with the playability, even though I havent done the fretwork yet. The tones are exactly what I wanted. the neck pup is classic Strat tone, and the middle and bridg pickups absolutely scream Being a hard tail with a really stiff neck, the sustain is fantastic. The guitar just "thrums" end to end when you strum a chord I will update this thread again when I shoot the finish, and again once I've sanded, buffed, and wrapped it up Also note the neck plate. I had a few of these made up with the same phoenix that I used on the fretboard of my phoenix build. I'm making this part of my logo. the headstock will feature the same "Addict" logo in Fender=style font that I used on my previous Strat build. This pic here is from my last build to show the headstock logo... and this is where this current build stands right now...
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    So jumping back to the body, this is pretty straightforward. Plane it down to the appropriate thickness... Standard thickness for a Strat is 1.75", I leave it a touch overwised to allow for sanding later trace the outline (shown at the top post) and cut it on the band saw Attach the template and route the body Jumping ahead a little, I re-attach the routing template and route out the body cavities, and neck pocket, and put the roundover on the edge. Neck pocket is 5/8" deep, pickup routing is 3/4" inch deep, and the control section and output jack area are 1 1/2" deep. I use a 7/16" roundover for the edge. I use my edge sander to rough in the belly and arm carves Drill holes for the neck attachment and that pretty much wraps up the body...
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