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    'Sounds brighter' is probably a misnomer on my part. What is actually hapenning is the inductance of the parallel coils lowers, which weakens the bass response of the pickup. So 'sounds brighter' -> 'has less bass' or 'sounds thinner'.
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    I suspect you'll get a darker tone (less highs) with a dummy in series with the working pickup. The quick-and-dirty math of what you're proposing is the equivalent of adding an inductor (maybe ~2H) and resistor (maybe ~7Kohms) in series with a normal pickup, which should result in an attenuation of highs, and a slight reduction in overall output. Adding the dummy in parallel effectively reduces the pickup's winding resistance and inductance by half, but at the same time only one coil is actually doing the legwork. As you've found already the output will drop dramatically compared to running a humbucker (or even two singles) in parallel, and become noticeably brighter.
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    Greetings! Hope all is well. The weather is warming up here and it makes for much more enjoyable build environments. I finally got around to gluing this up and cutting it out. Been wanting to do this combo for years!
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    Thats consistent with my own experience. In the case of this top, even though I wasnt going to be using the bulk of it until March at least, I still jointed and glued it up after I cut the drop top off of it because if I let it sit as once piece for another 4 months after slicing 3/4" off it, its almost guaranteed to move again given some time to sit, and I'd have to plane even more off to make the top flat for joining. Since its now already jointed and glued, if it develops a slight cup by the time I need it I can clamp that cup right out of it when I glue the top on and wont need to shave off any more thickness. I've got plenty of clamps
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    Good week in some ways not so in others. So ive has to put more time into normal repair work than I’d like. Basically had to make a replacement neck for a Warwick. Went well but really wanted to get going with this. The t4m bridges and head pieces arrived. Gorgeous craftsmanship, so thanks Alberto! also got my templates from the laser cutters and very happy with them. Plus got my timber in and prepped. Swamp ash body. Curly maple top and wenge neck blank. i also got a new bandsaw so really need to today my workshop! I’m on the first floor of an old mill you can see the crane by my double doors. Very useful indeed!
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    That's gorgeous. I totally love the rosette :-)
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    Welcome I agree with the others - beautiful. And more photos, please
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    wow, just wow. very nice - full photo would be nice too.
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    Gorgeous guitar. Beautiful craftsmanship. Very creative design elements. Welcome and thanks for sharing! SR