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    I started pore filling with fine pumice. I find the best way is to sprinkle the powder on and then rub it into the pores with my fingers. Then rub in Tru-Oil, which turns the pumice clear and creates a slurry. It also creates a noticeably harder layer that has a flat or satin finish. Subsequent coats of oil bring the gloss back (learned from my test pieces), and it appears that swatches cut from an old pair of blue jeans make a great Tru-Oil applicator. The tight twill weave seems to leave no lint and any threads that get loose are giant and easy to pick out of the oil. SR
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    I always thought I was a master of bra removal until I tried to remove one from a girl with *ahem* "generous" chesticles. That thing was like cracking a safe. I ended up having to drop the straps off her shoulders and pull it down to her waist where things were "slimmer" to get those hooks to cooperate.
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    Been kind of slow work the last couple of weeks. A lot of snow and really cold weather don't really get you to excited to work in an unheated shop. But I have managed to get some progress done. Here is a little sneak peak of the progress hopefully I can add some more pictures of it during the week.
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    Looks above board to me.
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    With all those curves, she must be a she. SR
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    Or if price is no issue, the Allied Lutherie ones. Cheaper but still reliable - Allparts or WD Music (practically the same thing) Even cheaper still, but use with caution - Ebay. I've had success with a few rods purchased from China, but I buy a few at a time and select the best from the bundle before installing it. In all likelihood the Allparts/WD Music variants probably come from the same source as the Ebay ones. All you're probably paying for is for Allparts/WD to do the sorting for you to pick out the better ones to sell on.
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    Agreed. As long as you have plenty of good mating glue faces, you're golden.
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    If I absolutely had to? http://www.lmii.com/products/mostly-not-wood/truss-rods/neck-parts/truss-rod-standard-welded-end I wouldn't now though, because of shipping fees and import duty. For yourself, it's a doozy.
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    No worries, that is plenty of meat to glue to. SR
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    I finished my sanding and starting in with the Tru-Oil. The pictures do not not convey this, but walking past this top and staring at it justifies the effort of dying the pores black and then polishing the wood to the full cycle of micromesh. This top looks like it is breathing. Each step causes the grain to flip and the higher contrast from the dyed pores makes it that much more obvious. SR
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    Where are the dings - neck or body? It doesn't look in too bad a state from that photo
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    Norriss your a star, thats perfect. I did a quick sketch last night to see how it worked out but I only got the outside strings based on my other basses but I wasn't sure if they were equally spaced centre to centre but your pic is great so now I can get on with the first cut, don't know what to use yet for the D and G slots as luthier tools are expensive for this type of work. Cheers
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    Loopulus from Creature Comforts, Citra and Nelson in a DIPA- 8.5% Abv. one of the best beers I have ever had. total juice bomb.
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    It seems the stuff we put on him for fleas, ticks, and heartworms is useless against termites...and boring beetles or carpenter ants. Perhaps it shows a bit, but I'm pretty damn happy about the way his eyes came out. I believe my British friends would say I was quite chuffed with the results. SR