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    I bet that made you fill your pants.
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    I spent a couple of hours squaring up the sides of the tenon, using a micro-plane, a freshly sharpened chisel and set square. It's now 40mm wide, parallel to the centre line and square to the top surface
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    Another way is to make a sanding table. Glue (spray adhesive is great for this) 4 or 6 full sheets of 80 grit to a flat surface sand the entire gluing surface of your parts at the same time. Draw pencil lines all across the surface of the piece to be sanded, and then sand till all the line disappear. SR
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    I'm sure that there are better ways, but one method I've used in the past that helped - once I was pretty close to flatness - was to use school chalk on a 1' square piece of 1/4" ply, liberally applied, and then rub the coated ply over the mating surface. Any high spots will show as the chalk will be rubbed off onto them. Then I use a cabinet scraper to scrape away the high spot and repeat until the whole surface has chalk transferred onto it. Then do the same on the other mating surface It won't sort two mating surfaces that are way out, but it is a decent method for sorting out pesky high-spots.
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    I decided to put the same demarcation feature under the headstock plate. I cut some maple and ebony veneer offcuts: Then glued and clamped them under a decently thick piece of sapele: For the fretboard, I did the side dots, then filled the fret slots with a mixture of epoxy and macassar dust: Once that was set and the edges sanded down, it was time to glue the fretboard on In the meantime, the pickups have arrived
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    ....or touch up pens from Halfords? They're more or less the same thing.
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    I may cause a few heart attacks with my suggestion, but for such small dings could you touch it up with a matching shade of nail varnish? The rest of the guitar looks in pretty decent condition
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    Great technique. I think I’ll have to try fretting that way too. I can see the benefits now. love the laminate details.
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    Been kind of slow work the last couple of weeks. A lot of snow and really cold weather don't really get you to excited to work in an unheated shop. But I have managed to get some progress done. Here is a little sneak peak of the progress hopefully I can add some more pictures of it during the week.
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    For no particular reason other than it's a shame to lose any of the macassar, I've decided to skip the binding of the fretboard. The consequence, however, is that I can't use the cheat of using figured acoustic guitar body binding to give me the feature stripes as I had done of the maple, bound, version: So, it was back to some maple and black veneer, stuck to the bottom of the fretboard: Came out alright, though Got to double check the flatness of the neck, fit the truss rod and then the fretboard can be glued