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    Just found out that my recent build for Neil has been awarded 'Bass Of The Week' in the excellent (not that I'm biased) US-based e-zine 'No Treble' I'm well chuffed - it's my fourth BOTW with them Here's the link: https://www.notreble.com/buzz/2018/08/06/bass-of-the-week-ajr-guitarmods-swift-lite-lightweight-bass/ I'm just off for a cold shower to deal with my nauseating smugness Andy
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    Yes - I agree with @mistermikev. The tops on these are often ply laminate with the nice wood as a very thin laminate on the top. All that has happened is that it has sanded through that top layer into the layers beneath. If you stained it with a decent water based or spirit stain, then the stain would almost certainly also soak into those areas too. It might be a little darker shade but I wouldn't have thought would be overly noticeable. You could even do a dark outer burst with stain that would further hide the patches.
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    Looks an awful lot like finish that has been sanded off in some places but not in others... to my untrained eye. if that is the case it won't take stain well, and I'd guestimate it will be next to impossible to get all the finish off w/o burning through what I suspect is a veneer... so with that in mind you may want to consider paint.
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    Made me laugh. Thanks for that and for the congrats
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    Allow me to extend a well deserved congratulations, Andy. Congratulations! That was well deserved Andy. SR
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    I sometimes do wonder Mind you, it wouldn't feel the same without all the abuse. Pain and misery is the only thing a guy like me understands. Leastways, that's the philosophy MrsAndyjr1515 likes to follow and I agree with everything she says - she tells me I have to.
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    I mean, no need to base your design choices on my loaded suggestions. But y'know. Free timber 'n stuff...
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    So, why are you registered here again? In all seriousness, a hearty handshake for your latest success in the world of fab four string-edness.
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    Been trying different things, techniques before I do the neck. Built all my jigs, got my supplies now. Here's my prototype compound radius jig. 12" to 15.5". Reason for the weird 15.5" is I wanted to be equal the ratio of string spacing. In theory its the right amount of radius for my nut to bridge width change. If anything it was challenging. Remade my lathe jig for my knobs too. My old one didn't work for how small they were so I made a new one. Here's a pic of the compound radius jig.
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    Seems a shame to hide all that work with a timber top. You sure you don't want to slap a perspex cover on instead?
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    That's so shiny even the light doesn't stick to it.
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    No grass growing anywhere near Andy at the moment. He's like a guitar-building demon possessed. Would that matched piece of blackwood I gave you a couple of years back be big enough for the rosette?
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