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    Refining. Like the idea of a small star cluster at the 12th. The crown works as a badge at the head, just not sure if it's required or is excess. This isn't a Queen tribute guitar, but I don't hate the idea. That F-hole thing has got the vibe, but isn't the right thing yet. I'll keep poking.
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    wow, looks great. I love that 12th fret inlay and would love to see more of it, but admittedly the repeat of the star motif is more practical. I love it when something is echoed in different forms. Personally I'd go with that. Maybe echo the 3 star cluster at the 12th? graphic design... well that shows! nice work. All I know I owe to the art dept at my work: they are often too busy to get me something so I dive in and do the best I can! afa radius: for better or worse I'm going to attempt a jig for that this weekend. not confident I can pull it off but will be trying anyway! Would love to hear what your ideas on the subject are.
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    A couple more EXP projects. Ziricote and a cool colored quilted maple.
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