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    well, ya see.. that's a subjective call.. if you don't care for Carlos, no harm, no foul, you simply avoid Santana.. as for me, I personally I like him and would give a boatload of whatever is required to play like him with his apparently sucky tone... Point is, I rather doubt that anyone ever walked up to him, short of a producer or sound tech, and told him is tone sucked... with any of all those different guitars he's been seen with over the years... Wood does contribute to the sound.. but it does so in concert with everything else that is also contributing... It contributes in the same fashion different ingredients contribute to a complex "dish" a chef may be preparing... How does a tomato taste? If you grew up as a Latina.. you have one composite reference... say, Salsa. or as an Italian, quite another... yet there are very few actual ingredients that change the taste of Spaghetti sauce to that of Chili .. You can only take very basic knowledge to the shop to choose a guitar with a very generic tonality based on the wood its made of.. I can guarantee ya there';s a lotta Mahogany bodied guitars with humbuckers out there playing very convincing "Metal." and equally, a lotta solid heavy Alder with active pups playing amazing Jazz, Blues, C&W ... If you cannot use the information to actually steer the construction of a guitar to produce a specific tone, or choose a guitar made of a specific wood with the assurance it will make you sounf=d like that wood is supposed to... it useful as nothing more than academia for conversation on a forum.. Like, Mahogany sounds how?? Jerry Garcia? Peter Frampton? Chet Atkins? they all played Mahogany enough times to be identifiable..yet none sounded even remotely similar other than .. drum roll please.. They all sounded like electric guitars... It;'s NEVER gonna be the guitar or what its made of that dictates the style music or how it sounds... Never... its YOU .. you at your best will sound like you... the guitar, . . any guitar is your "paint brush" it gives you the opportunity to be a Matisse, a DiVinci, a Picasso, a Dali.. none of those guys were defined by the paint brushes they chose.. they were artists.. how "bout you? Now.. go make sawdust like a real artiste r
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    You guys are far too kind, as always. There's still plenty of time for this to go wrong, especially at the pace I make progress. I managed to get the clamps off at the weekend. The joint looked good, so I shaped the heel and roughed a new neck profile in; including blending the sides at the fingerboard edge. It still needs a LOT of work, but I'm really pleased with the fit and maple veneer so far. Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr Untitled by S K, on Flickr
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    I think what I meant was that Zappa had an outlandishly ridiculous tone to match his outlandishly ridiculous songs. That's likely an artistic decision, rather than an inability to get something that sounded 'good' out of his guitars and equipment. That said, there's definitely examples out there of adept guitarists that simply got/get a dud sound. Mike Stern is another one that cops a lot of flak for his tone, despite being completely at home on his instrument..
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    Yes, to an extent. It's not for large areas or taking away lots of material but it can be very delicate for fixing something like a drop of lacquer on a flat surface. Let me explain scrapers a little deeper. A scraper is a piece of steel plate with an edge. There's several ways to sharpen the edge, for cabinet scrapers the easiest way is to file the edge in 90 deg angle against the sides. The 90 deg edge will act as a blade. If you want that blade to be sharper, you can fine tune it with a burnisher to create a burr which is sharper. The finer the file used for basic sharpening and the sleeker the burnisher the smoother the burr edge will be. Simplified, a razor blade is a very fine edge with no saw tooth coarseness. This illustration shows how a burnished scraper looks like enlarged. Notice that the edge can be of any shape but it has to be both consistent and smooth length vise.
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    On the contrary! Imagine how worthy being defeated by this entry would be?
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    Note to self: Don't participate in the GOTM when this one is finished...
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    It just keeps getting better! Good call protecting the pointy parts. SR
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